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Photos by Shari Glickman © 2008

Rosall offspring

Rosall  ( stands at Team Ttae Dressage)

photo by Richard Malmgren

Mares of 2009 both checked in foal quickly with only one or 2 doses of frozen semen.

Rosall's 2009 Offspring, bred at KIS

By Rosall out of Caviar (Cor Noir/Cor De La Bryere)

Sadly, this 2009 foal, a filly was lost at birth. see the News page.

Royall KIS - Premium colt, GOV.  http://www.youtube.com/user/wendycos  see Royall KIS on YOU Tube.
By Rosall (Rosario) out of Precious Icon (bay Dutch mare by Rolls Royce who is sire of Rocher, approved Oldenburg NA, and GOV main book mare.)

Colt, born May 16, 2009. He is wonderful!  He is his father's son.  We will call him Rusty ,will register him GOV as Royall KIS, R, for  Rosall and Rubinstein, famous Grandsire, the Roy for his Damsire , Rolls Royce, and the "all" for Rosall his sire. One word names seem to prevail in his family line, and we like it for him too. He is short coupled, and has very  expressive movement already.  He has his changes and pirouettes down pat! Click on the photo for more photos of "Rusty" as we get them. Rusty was sold to a student of Isabelle Browns, and in  2013 is showing and being ridden by his amateur owner.



Arrived in 2010: All mares checked in foal with only one dose!

Rosall x EM Bevolina :
Chestnut Hanoverian   mare

Approved Elite Hanovarian , GOV.~

Rosallie KIS

This filly is a dream come true. So  lovely to watch move, and a beautiful face and eye to go with her movement. She is  very  personable, and ready to go out of the pasture with me.

" Rosebud " is pretty as a picture, and her short back, and long legs will help her be a star. She is uphill already, and  keeps up with mom on their gallop around the  fields.

Inspection : July  14, 2010, - Premium  GOV designation.

Rosallie is  moving on up!!  As a yearling , now owned by  Deb Dalseg  of Canada, she has won a Championship at a VA summer Show. She was shown b y Hilltop Farm at Devon Breed show, the finest show  in the US. and placed First in the GOV breed category and the following year, she placed Second!!






< Rosallie KIS, as a yearling. Looks a great deal like her Sire.




Rosall x Atlanta(Aktion)
Gray Half Dutch mare ; imported

Approved ISR/Old. NA  and  AHS and RPSI; Sire is an Olympic and World cup competitior!

Colt :       DOB: May 8, 2010

Richenbacker KIS,   "Eddie" barn name.

Lovely bay colt , very correct, adorable face, and soft eye; strong and energetic, click on photo to see more.   Long legs, diagonal socks.  star! So like his sire!  just  remarkable colt!

Inspection: August 28, ISR/Oldenbiurg NA; Hilltop Farm, Colora MD.  Premium foal.

Eddie is showing such extravagant gaits already,   He is an FEI prospect.   Sold to Carolyn and Steve English and renamed Royal E nglsh KIS.      still calledE ddie.


Click on photo to see more of him.





A colt , Rosall and "Heidi" ( Hohenstein mare ) owned by Lori Minteer DVM, in Florida. black or? Embryo Transfer. What a darling!

Left , Dam after successful competition

 Filly, 2010 by Rosall out of  Heidi, ( Hoehenstein mare)  owned by Lori Minteer, DVM in Florida Embryo Transfer. Star, black or ?. Another fabulous foal, and full sibling to the  one above. Another  first try  embryo transfer!    Obviously a super Stallion, fabulous mare, and great vet and owner!












Rosall x Precious Icon 

Rigoletto SH.. Bay , with large star. (Dam sold with Rosall foal in utero. to  Isabelle Brown in Ohio.)
Bay Dutch mare   by  Rolls Royce out of  TB mare.

Approved Oldenburg NA, and GOV main book mare.

Colt , born 5-14-10  Will go GOV.

BORN A WEEK EARLY, in Ohio, for owners Isabelle and Dave Brown. What a cute guy! 

Isabelle reports he is is fancy and  very special.

Click on photo to  see more of him.



Born in SC, a filly out of a Donavan mare!!  Her name is Rowan; aka Betzy. She was presented tothe GOv and earned Premium  award.

A very darling girl. Owner, breeder Dee Herman is keeping her for now, such a darling personality and so easy to work with,


 2012: "Rowan" aka Betzy  .Filly by Rosall out of  Donnachia by Donavan. Breeder Dee Herman.

Another filly and what a beauty!! Out of a  Donavan daughter!! Premium, and called Hope.. (Raigin) Donavan daughter, the lovely Donnachie, aka Faith. bred and owned by  Dee Herman, in SC.Premium GOV filly.


Filly by Rosall; owner Breeder, Wendy Costello KIS. Rapunzel KIS, aka LittleRip, was born  in March , 2012 out of Little Black, TB.. aka Beauty. Premium and Reserve Champion at her inspection with Oldenburg NA, she is now owned by Carolyn English in Arkansas, and  tall and lovely.

2013: Breaking news.

Rekos Royall KIS, bred by Wendy Costello KIS, -filly, bay with  4 socks , star and snip; March 20.

Showing  his Sire's  conformation and handsome demeanor. Uphill and ready to go!!

photo coming soon!! Rhapsody..in Texas, filly , bay with star , snip.. 1 sock?? March 23, Dr. Dawn Merrill.  so very excited for her.