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First Farm, Riverland Farm, Mequon, WI
written by Wendy Costello

© Our logo started with the creation of a logo in Wisconsin , for our new farm, Riverland Farm. It was comprised of an evergreen tree, the name of the Farm, two flying birds representing the many geese and ducks we would see flying over head, and a jumping foal. The jumping foal is actually a silhouette of our first filly by Donavan, Doha Day out of our first mare, Ona Rainy Day aka "Remy".

When we knew we were moving to Kent Island, Maryland we were not sure that we wanted to be known as Riverland Farm, since we are not on a river. Though sentimental , we decided to choose a new name, but to keep some of the original logo in the new one. We had grown as a breeding program too. While we had started with our wonderful Donavan and everything was about him , we had now purchased the lovely, exciting Rosall, and were now branching out to breed a few mares to outside stallions to get new bloodlines into our program.

Doha Day, or Dodie as we called her, was named after the day of recreation and rest that our daughter and her Army MP unit would enjoy in Doha , Qtar during the Iraq war. It was a" Doha Day" for them. So that was the name we chose and this filly was a very nice filly, always jumping into the air and very pretty, too, She earned top filly honors at her inspection. So we wanted to use Dodie in the new logo .

So we took her and the 2 birds from the first logo and saved the idea when designing the new logo for the new farm to be called Kent Island Sporthorses.

Stevensville, Kent Island, MD.
Here we were able to incorporate the birds, since we have even more birds; Bald eagles, ducks, geese, herons, hawks..etc..flying overhead. With water behind us and not far away to the front of us, we enjoy an abundance of wildlife. The foal is the same, now reflected in the water that is around us, and the hint of the sunrises or sunsets, which are beautiful here.

We have also used the logo in several different colors, usually like this, or with a black background. It was a nice coincidence that the initials KIS, are fun to use as a catchphrase:" Everyone should get a KIS".

Don't you want a KIS?

We enjoyed creating the new logo, and have built a new barn, now own a new stallion and have started a new chapter in our lives, living near DC where I attended school and the United States Naval Academy where Marty attended school. Marty is retired and we are planning to spend time on the water, playing golf and supporting the passion I have for horses. Curious about our journey from Wisconsin? Read on the menu, under ABOUT...Revisiting Riverland. wwc