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We have added a video of Rosall on You Tube. It is a video of him  and JJ Tate during one of the Tests at the 10 Day Advanced Stallion Performance Test  held March, 2008 in Jupiter Florida. *

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Happy Holidays to  everyone and thank you for your  constant support and for  checking in with us when you are thinking of breeding or buying your next horse! We  really enjoy working with everyone.

December, 2011

We  just returned  on the  13th, from the  lovely  wedding of our "tall Daughter" JJ Tate, our  wonderful trainer and long time friend. She married her  fiance, Richard Malmgren in the Florida  Keys and we all had a wonderful time. I  played with some dolphins, and danced  all evening!

JJ and  Richard looked absolutely  breathtaking, and  the entire wedding party  was glowing! It was so  much fun to enjoy with  Susanne and Scott Hassler, Candace , Joe and Jen Tate, all of JJ's Team Tate, and so many others.

Our home is getting dressed for the 2 holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, and we will go to Disneyland  in Anaheim, CA to spend time with our  son Adam, and his wife Helen and  our 2 grandsons.

Even our dogs , Bekki and Trip ( shown below) are ready.  A gift I purchased for myself , has arrived from Tulsa ( where we spent Thanksgiving)  and is sitting under our tree.



The  lovely  ceramic horse, is form Mexico, and  really will fit nicely into my  home,.. we are planning some remodeling!

Rosall is safely in Florida with JJ and  slowly and surely coming back form a time off from an injury.. he looks super and JJ reports he is doing really well.

Donavan is enjoying himself , though I think he wishes it would snow. He  likes it colder and we are enjoying some mild temps. 

We wish everyone a safe  and Happy New Year!! 


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We  were with Family in Tulsa and had a wonderful time!!  Let this be the start of a fun filled, rewarding Holiday season and  a Healthy, Happy New Year!! 


November 17, 2011

Top 10 % for Donavan!!   The OLD guy keeps on ticking!!   Nothing old fashioned about Quality!!

Of note: Donavan ranks 110 th , out of over 1200 stallions in the USEF  Leading sires listings, and 10 different offspring contributed to the standings by being in the ribbons in their Dressage classes!! We are really pleased.

Drum roll please:

Ok Something I have needed to do for a long time. So many of the Donavan kids are checking in with me that my head is swimming. They are growing up so well, and their owners are so proud and happy. It really makes us happy too.

I am now going to attempt to mention many that have  sent in photos in the last  months ( or year) , and try to show each one  at least once. Some are for sale, and some I need to place on the offspring listings.

First, the pretty gray boy, left , is  Definite Class,  a Hunter prospect who has already been in the ribbons. He is owned and bred by the Persans.

 The next one is the cutie looking right at  you, that is Davante , bred and owned by the Stadlers.





The third one down, with his rider , is Digby , full brother to our Davy Crockett. He is now winning many  ribbons in Dressage, and is also in Wisconsin . He was bred by Valerie Ahl who still owns the Dam,  Winpenny, and  she is now a riding horse.






The next exciting pictures we have  received lately are of Diva , Owned and bred by  the Petersens one of the earliest breeders of Donavan kids, and they wanted horses to drive. Look at what they have produced! Now their  D kids ,  Diva and Draper, also are being trained in Dressage.

Diva is in this  photo  being driven by Dan Petersen, and Draper is below.





Draper is growing into a nice gelding! The Petersens, Susan and Dan may be  breeding again in 2012.





<Look at this gorgeous boy!! Divine, ( Divvy)  Also a full brother of Davy Crockett, who are all 3 out of Winpenny by Weltbekannt.  That pretty mare came from MD, went to WI to me with Davy, then was sold to Valerie Ahl and she still has her!! Divine  is being shown to winning  results by  his owner, Andrea MItchell ( my memory is failing me on the names , but will get them).We are so pleased how these boys are doing!!




<LOOK HERE!! Another gorgeous gray offspring, a colt, by Donavan out of Winteroza, a filly we  foaled  when she came to us in utero  to Teerose, in WI.  Winnie was also sold to Valerie Ahl and she  then had Drizzle the big boy seen here. He and his owner Bobbie McDonald are also really doing well in their Dressage work! Her Grandsire is Winterprinz.



Ahh!! An emotional favorite, Doha Day. Aka Dodie.  we bred her, oneof our early ones. Sheis full sister to the  first one, Dusenjaeger, ( Pilot). She  is looking so pretty!! She is now for sale ,  and is located in  the MIdwest, her owner is Kristi Lamp.  I hear she is doing nicely  in her Dressage work. She had some time off as Kristi is a new farrier and her business is growing!!   I would love for someone to buy her, and I would make it  easy for you to breed her to Rosall.  Dodi was top filly at her inspection.



ON the left here  under saddle , just gorgeous is Donaseuse.  I just  discovered her , at Reindance Farm, .. for sale.  She is owned by the Diel's and  they are in NY. Anyone would be lucky to own this one!!






<See Donaseuse's pretty face.

Below  her are a couple of  special photos:

A  golden Donavan granddaughter!! She is out of De Bonne Grace, or Gracie. She was our first foal out of the wonderful   Elite mare, Bevolina. She  is by Brentano II,  and is now owned by our  wonderful client and friend, Dee Herman.




This  golden foal is by Champion's Devito out of Gracie , Devito is a  Buckskin colored German Sport Pony.

Her name is Champion's Dior and was top foal at her inspection, earning  well over 8  in several categories. Her owner and breeder is Paige Schlicksup  in Illinois, owner of the sire.







This pretty little filly above , with the star ( who is now  older) is Donika out of a talented mare named AstairtotheMaster. She was bred and is owned by  Carolyn Wright of Rome GA.  She is breeding again to Donavan, as so many of these breeders have done and are doing.

Two more of the kids and then I am pooped with  my typing efforts!!

Fein Dancer is another Grandchild! She is out of Dee Herman's Donnica.( aka Cookie) .In fact  there is now a great Grandchild!! Fein Dancer  (aka Piper) is shown here with a son , Loch by Liberty Gold.





This pretty bay  shown under saddle is Zalani out of Zejaluna, who is doing very well in the Dressage ring after numerous ribbons in hand. 

And now ,in the Ribbons  under saddle!! see her in the photo , on right below!!






FOR SALE, MOTHER of our star Royal Rousseau.  See  left below, Oct. 1.

Royal Princess OBX, is a very lovely  Elite Hanoverian mare and she and JJ Tate did very well at her MPT for the Hanoverians , and  she is an Elite mare.  After a great deal of thought we decided to sell her to a serious breeder or rider, as she will enhance any breeding program, or bring success to a Dressage or Hunter rider.

See more on our Sales page.

October 1, 2011: Devon a huge Success!!; Not only  did Roy  pin in  both of his classes he won the Hassler Dressage Breeders Challenge Sweepstakes!!  We received a nice  money prize and they will be buying him from us as well!! So very exciting!  He was a little star at Devon and we may breed his Dam, Royal Princess OBX back to Rousseau and also to Rosall soon.

An added  surprise: The fillies from 2010 did really well too. Balenciaga KIS, by Bugatti Hilltop out of our Little Black ( Beauty)  pinned in two classes, and Rosallie KIS pinned in her yearling class, 3rd, and WON her GOV Breed class!! this is Rosall's first filly!!

Thanks so much to the  help we had, Sue Jackman, and Bruce and Staci Griffin and their son, "Turtle".

September 24, 2011; DRESSAGE AT DEVON

A lot of news. We are going to Devon! We  are taking our Roy-boy, (Royal Rousseau KIS) and his Dam Royal Princess, and  planning to have a good time!!  We have  asked Bruce and Staci Griffin to help us out as handlers , and also Sue Jackman as a groom.  We will be there Monday -Friday, and have entered Roy into the the  Colts of 2011 class, and the Hanoverians under 2 class. If Roy does well, there may be a championship class also. Lots of work, and planning, but  will  enjoy it.  We will be able to see many old friends.

And a BONUS!! Our two fillies from last year, Balenciaga KIS ( by Bugatti Hilltop) and Rosallie KIS ( by Rosall)  are both entered in several classes. Deb Dalseg owns these beauties and I am so excited to see them again.

SALES NEWS:  Just got word that  both of our beloved Remy's  kids by Donavan are now going to be offered for sale. Duesenjaeger, "Pilot" 1999 and Doha Day, "Dodie" 2003. They have both grown up  beautifully. They  are  both Hanoverians, Pilot has been competed a lot, and has done really welll, Dodie has been  beloved by her amateur owner, and has done  some showing and schooling.  Look thorugh our  news page for some of Pilots recent news, or go to our Facebook pages and look at the albums  showing  Pilot.(Duesenjaeger.) Soon I will post them on the Sales Page.  I don't have all of the details .   Pilot lives  in Massachusetts and Dodie is in Iowa.

Remy  was just recently  put to sleep  at age 29, and was my lovely , approved TB mare , who knew Dressage and gave me such joy

.Left is Donalli owned by Deb Van Orden-Smith. He is part Arabian, and what a darling  young fellow he is . Deb is expecting 2 more Donavan foals next year out of two of her lovely girls.  She also has a young one, Demarra for sale , also by Donavan.  This photo , with her gray Dam, is of her  new after being born, hope to get more  of her soon.

We are also  still hoping to find a great home for  our Bianna, and her daughter Dragee, below right who is doing so well with JJ Tate and her team. 

(left) I was so very lucky to  see Pilot at a show this summer, with his trainer, Jane Hannigan, and his owner , Susan Karsch.  Just loved that  boy!!

In Georgia , Terry Blair  is enjoying her  riding/showing with her wonderful Donavan  gelding, Don Noir, and is offering for sale her other Donavan boy, Daniel. ( seen on  lower left here,)  is  a very handsome 4 year old.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Fall season, and  great weather!! Come see us at Devon!!

Hooray! Royal Rousseau KIS = Top Foal!!

Royal Rousseau  KIS by Harmony's Rousseau and out of our Beauty , was top foal at his Hanoverian inspection!! We are so proud. The judges were so  impressed they first commented "WOW!! He is the  whole package", fabulous movement , hock action, shoulder , presence type etc etc. We  love  him.  He is for sale, but must be a home who will  help him reach his full potential.

Many people helped us to present him  and his  pasture mate , Dempsey well. Deanna Mann, Carolyn English,  Rebecca Arnold,  And  the staff of High Point Hanoverians.

Donavan's colt, Dempsey (Democracy KIS) also received high praise from the judges saying what a "modern boy" ,  great type, long legs, and  excellent movement.     Donavan works magic with the TB mares.


Dempsey left ,  Roy and team above and below right, Royal Rousseau KIS >

Dee Mann, Carolyn English, Wendy Costello, Klaus Schengber with Dempsey.

Sad news, in August , we lost my beloved mare, Remy (Ona Rainy Day), our little Bold Ruler Granddaughter. She gave me so much joy and produced  two  gorgeous foals by Donavan. I rode her and  she  taught me, and she was always  my best friend. She  was 29 years old and  we are  truly grieving her loss .  We buried her out in her pasture and  we will save a place for her best friend out Sugar , mustang mare.

JULY 20, 2011

Must report on the birth of our  gorgeous  colt by Rousseau out of our now Elite mare, Royal   Princess OBX!!

He is adorable, born June 25, a week early but so ready to go!! jumping and spinning with a kick out  very early!! Name is to be Royal Rousseau KIS. We call him Roy, or Roy boy!! photo right  at just a few days old.

Below Roy is out  early on trying his legs, which are long! What a gem! He uses his front end as well as his hind end!! MOre to come for sure regarding this star!! He is for sale, but  to the best home only!!

Check out  Rousseau, a big star in the  performance and breeding worlds , on Hassler Dressage Website.

RIP my dear Remy.>





pics of our Rousseau colt


Also look at this lovely picture, I took with my phone!! Our Big boy Dempsey ( Democracy KIS by Donavan!!)

<Democracy KIS.. nearing 4 months old.

July 16, 2011:  During the last 2-3 weeks, we visited  Donavan and Rosall  offspring in SC, owned by Dee Herman,  and had wonderful visitors to KIS, Carolyn and Steve English from Arkansas, owners of Dinah by Donavan, and Royal English KIS, by Rosall,  and Essex KIS by Escudo II. Delighted to have also Terry Blair from GA. Terry owns and rides  Don Noir, a top foal of ours who is now 5. She also bred her own mare to Donavan for  another gelding Daniel by Donavan, who is for sale.

We got to see JJ ride Rosall with the great  Debbie McDonald, and then the very impressive Ingo Pape from Germany. So Pleased with their comments and JJ truly enjoyed  their insight into  riding our talented red head.

And the Heat  goes on!!  But  the  horses are good. Donavan gets a few more baths, and the foals get more time  in the  shade, but  doing well. So proud of Dragee ( Gigi) in training. JJ Tate says she is a super star.. doing well in her  Dressage  work and  getting ready for her  GOV and AHS mare breeding approvals.  Look for her at the  GOV inspection  end of July at HIGH POINT Hanoverians, in Chestertown, and then at the AHS inspection August 13 , same location.

<Dragee, 3 at left is now 4 and training with JJ Tate. She loves her, and knows she will go far. Offered for sale on the Sales page, a super prospect.. can jump too.

Her Dam, Bianna, by Bordeaux, is also for sale and is suitable  in a variety of disciplines, and does well in all! She is a hunter, and also likes to jump..  so with the Dressage component, she then  discovered she likes eventing too! Has schooled cross country!




<Bianna, 8 yrs old  Bianna is a delightful mare and   will make any rider proud.


June 10, 2011;

HOT! HOT! That is what has  been going on this June. It is hard on Donavan when the  temps are in the 90's, so we work hard to keep the fans running and keep him comfy. He even got to go to the mare barn, which is a bit cooler than his, and he enjoyed that! He is such a flirt , especially when my Faith goes by, and she is totally smitten.

But the breeding that has been going on is with Beauty and Rosall! WE have  inseminated Beauty with Rosall fresh semen, and  we are waiting to see what has happened. His frozen semen has bee superior so we  plan on the same result. It is more complicated in a way since we must "call up" Rosall and make sure he is ready to be bred, since he is in competition and training. Run to Select Breeders to pick up the container, and then bring it home, and the vet then comes and then she is bred, and then we wait and check the mare, etc etc.

Rosall has fully recovered from the  light injury  that  kept him from the show ring much last year after he qualified for the   National Young Horse Championships , so he got  to a show  at Morven Park. He was a bit unfocused the first class ( he had been collected for breeding  the day before) but  gave a nice   performance the next day, earning a  fine 65% at 3rd level , test 3. JJ Tate  as always  put him nicely though the test.  Looking forward to more  shows . He looks wonderful and  he was a star at the  Charles de Kunffy  Clinic at Riveredge earlier in May. Charles could not say enough great things about him.

Look at a new Donavan filly!!  Below at right. This is Donika ,

bred and owned by Carolyn Wright, born in May.

<Mom is AstairetotheMaster,  A TB mare, pretty girl who has jumped;


Now we get  ready for presenting Dragee to the Hanoverian Society for mare approval, and we  will present Democracy KIS also. We are now getting close to the birth of our Royal Princess/Rousseau foal, so exciting!

IF we  can time it, perhaps then Princess will be bred to Rosall!! What a match! Stay tuned!

A Donavan daughter, Dinah, out of a TB mare, bred my daughter Jill, is now with JJ Tate at Riveredge West, for her  first backing!! So exciting She looks wonderful . Her former  pasture mate, Essex ( aka KISS) our colt by  Escudo II, is also there too, as both are owned by Carolyn English of Arkansas! They look smashing!!  We had a great time  seeing them at Riveredge West.  Time has been flying!

Carolyn and her hubby will be arriving here to visit , see their  young  horses , see Rosall and Donavan and also to see our Democracy KIS..  (aka Dempsey).. the big colt by Donavan. She is going to  partner with us to keep him for JJ To train .

May 5, 2011:

So much news. First off, We have been worried about our  mustang , Sugar. , She  suffers from Cushings , a hormone imbalance,  and is on medication. but  it also can  make a horse prone to founder. Sugar has  had  an episode of founder (laminitis) and for a while we thought  she was not going to make it. But  we finally found the right  combo of  meds and feed, ( low sugar/low carb) and the farrier put some special shoes with poured pads on her  and she is much better.


<Look at our Bianna!!! She is showing great promise as an eventer.. went out to her first cross country course! She is training with Hailey Leishear , and is doing really well. She is keeping up with her  Dressage and  jumping. She will  go to a Horse trials soon and we hope to find her a buyer .

Marty and went to visit two of the fillies of 2010, now owned by Deb Dalseg.  Remember Rosallie KIS  (left ) by Rosall? And Balenciaga KIS  ( right below) by Bugatti Hilltop?   Both are so nice!! Just beautiful. In the Fall they will head to Canada as part of Deb Dalseg's herd.

    Democracy KIS by Donavan, 5 weeks.

Our colt is growing so beautifully and Beauty is the best mom. Thinking of breeding her to Rosall..

We will be  taking a trip to SC to visit Dee Herman and her two Donavan daughters and perhps will meet 2 new foals, a Rosall, and another Donavan.  Fingers crossed.

April 21, 2011:

Look what we just learned! Our  lovely filly  of 2005, De Bonne Grace, "Gracie" has had a foal!! She  was bred to a handsome  German Riding Pony,  Champion's Devito and look at this gorgeous  filly, Champions Dior !!.  The stallion is  doing well in Dressage, and  the owner, Paige Schlicksup is delighted with this foal. They are  in Illinois, and Grace will be going to inspection  this summer.

Grace is by  Donavan out of a Brenatano II mare, EM Bevolina that we had owned and then sold t o Dee Herman.

Keeping it in the family!!

We are  anxiously awaiting a Rosall foal out of another Donavan mare,  owned by Dee Herman, in S.C.   Dee also has an approved GOV TB mare  waiting for a Donavan foal, .. a full sibling to another  Donavan she  has in early training. So exciting.

KIS just learned that the USNA, United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, (Marty's Alma Mater)  now has an Equestrian team!! We are going to try to help if we can.  They are holding an Open House this weekend and we hope to attend. They need some things and help to  keep going. The team is doing well in  jumping and hope to add Western  too.  They are trying to develop a logo for  future  apparel as well. Hmmm seahorses , anchors, and  items from the USNA crest come to mind!!

Our young colt, 2011, Democracy KIS, aka Dempsey is doing so well, He is long legged and  very friendly! Like his Daddy, a people colt.

Donavan is  teriffic, and  doing well. He is shedding of course and happy to be out on grass!

Rosall  ( aka Riley) is back in MD!! He and JJ and the others from Florida  are safely back at Riveredge West in Chesapeake City and  he has been doing his two x tempis!!   On his way to FEI  shows!!

Congrats to JJ  Tate, on her ranking at #1 on Figi, for the Developing Horse Rankings! A 69% score for the lead.

Looking forward to the Charles de Kunffy Clinic at Riveredge in May. Rosall and JJ will be riding for her long time mentor,.


~~Our hearts go out to the people of Japan, in this time of great  heartbreak due to the  earthquake and  resulting tsunami and  nuclear  accident. May the outcome  be the best it can be .. Please share what  you can with the people of Japan.~~

APRIL 1 -- A GREAT HAPPENING ON MARCH 26.. A HANDSOME COLT BY DONAVAN OUT OF  OUR"BEAUTY" ( LITTLE BLACK) WAS BORN. That was our  April Fools a bit early.. thought we were having a filly!!

We are very pleased. He is so handsome!  Tall and strong, athletic! His sire's 3 socks and a snip , few star hairs too! We will register him as Democracy kis. And we call him Dempsey.. after a old time boxer.. .. Beauty is a perfect mom! See The other mares approve. Auntie Sugar and  Remy look on!>

More pictures to come! See him on our facebook page.. he has an album! 

Bianna our  lovely  Hanoverian mare by Bordeaux   and out oaf Abajo xx, is in her  new  location in Hagerstown MD, at Tim and Jenn Gargana's Breezy Ridge to  tweak her jumping training  and will show with a wonderful young rider, Hailey   until we can sell her. They have a great facility and are so excited to have her with them.  Hailey's grandmother is my good friend , Nancy Bowlus, who first sold us our  Davy Crockett as a foal  with his mom Winpenny, many years ago.

Davy had now been sold  to a family in PA  and is starting   anew career as a Hunter. So exciting for him!

Good luck to Shirley  Calvert and family!!


March 2011: The wearin' o the Green soon!  Shamrocks and  leprechauns!  March 17.

Foal watch is on, Beauty looks ready, but  only the Foal knows!! Thanks to Rachel Buckler, our  Barn manager for keeping a close eye on the  lovely girl.

All Spring shots have been given, .. And  even the barn cats, Abby and  Annie had to endure a bit of a  stick!

Word from  JJ Tate and Rosall is good! They have ridden with Steffen Peters , the US highest ranking Dressage  rider, Olympian and  accomplished International rider/trainer; and Jan Brink, another international trainer/rider from Swedan, . both say Rosall is a really nice  stallion and  shows  World Class talent.  After being  out of the ring  due to last years mild injury , Riley ( Rosall)  is getting   used to the excitement of the Wellington Show  grounds, ..  Stallions can be wooses sometimes! :-)

DID YOU SEE OUR STORY IN THE  MARCH WARMBLOODS TODA Y MAGAZINE? I have few extra copie sif anyone wants one.. Send me an address.

I was interviewed in January and the story was put together with some great photos of Donavan and  JJ and us  from way back when. I am thrilled , since of course I believe  he should not be forgotten, and  now more people know the  story.. He has touched many lives, George Williams, Hilda Gurney,   Jim Kofford, JJ Tate.

The entire article can be viewed on the American Hanoverian Society website!! Go to our Links page for that  link.

I hear form Aimee Boyer that  Gigi is doing so well, too. She likes her  as a jumper as well as a Dressage horse. NO surprise there as many of the Big D's kids jump!!



Such great news!! Our wonderful trainer, rider , friend and "tall Daughter" JJ Tate , has  become engaged to marry Richard Malmgren!  This a beautiful match made in heaven! Marty and I have been hoping for this and we are very excited. She and Richard  made it official in Key West Florida , and the ring is beautiful too! Congratulations to  JJ"s mom Candy , and her Dad Joe and his wife Jen, and to all of her sisters , and other relatives!

We just got back from a visit to Wellington and saw JJ and her Team and Rosall ( Riley) and Dragee (Gig)i , all doing really well in Florida sunshine!! Rosall is getting ready for a show, and Gigi looking really good, not only in her three gaits but jumping too!! Aimee Boyer says she is a natural! Rosall is all muscles and talent!! JJ has ridden  Rosall with  Scott Hassler, Jan Brink, Steffen Peters and all are singing his praises.. they enjoyed riding him! 

We  also went to Ocala and visited our daughter JIll and her boyfriend , and ..drum roll please.. we got a puppy!  Yes, another mini Aussie, and his name is Trip. He is a trip! Very cute, very  friendly and smart And our Bekki is so confused by him! But  they are adorable together.

Here Marty holds Trip shortly after deciding we would take him home.  What an adventure, on the plane! He was so good. Below right, Trip and Bekki together. She is still getting used to this bouncing bundle!


<Rosall and JJ             

Dragee's, ( Gigi) price has been adjusted a bit higher due to her excellent progress in Florida. She will make a great  ride for an amateur or  youth, as well as a pro . young horse classes??   Serious inquiries please. WE will take her to inspection and Performance test  for breeding too. She  can be bred to Rosall immediately if so desired.

We hear that her mom, Bianna is doing really well with Katie Straton, keeping her fit and ready for her new owner. She is being shown to perspective buyers in Mt Airy,   MD, please call . See her on the sales page.  Also on the  Windy Oak web page with Katie Straton.

January 28, 2011: Read letter to Breeders and  horse lovers, 2011

Countdown to foals has begun! Beauty ( Little Black) approved TB, is due March20, in foal to Donavan.

Royal Princess (Royal Prince) is due July 2,  and is in foal to Rousseau.

See our  Reference sires page for more information re: Rousseau, or go the Hassler Dressage website.

These foals  can be purchased in utero .. call for information,

Breeding requests are starting to come in so  be sure that you give a call, or e-mail;; and we can work out a Private Treaty for breeding your mare to Donavan.  Rosall is handled by Hassler Dressage  and  they  will  help you make those arrangements. For that info, go to Rosall's page here on the website.

What a crazy month  this is turning out to be.  We moved to MD to escape the harsh winter in WI, and we have for the most part. However, snow , snow  for the  last 24 hours. The horses seem to love it, and Donavan especially goes out and stands in it while it is coming down.  Oh he is enjoying his new cupola over his breezeway. That is just outside my Tack room/ofc window , so  I can take a peek.

We have finally been able to start the remodel on our  tack room. I am really happy with the work.

We tried to take some pictures along the way, mostly with my phone.  The backsplash tile is really nice, slate squares of many colors. The walls are a combo of  tongue-n-groove vertical 5" planks and painted walls.

WE found a great little black iron hanging light and we put bead board ceiling up, stained a reddish brown. Walls are stained a "golden oak". We  painted some wall a darker khaki gray /green and trim a light ,light version. We used a bit of a blue green color paint to tie it all together.

The floors were tiled in a terra cotta  tile, with a bit of design in the center of the room.

We welcome Rachel Buckler to our farm as our  Barn management assistant. 

She  came to us after having worked at a farm in ... guess where...  

Wisconsin  during her studies in school!  She brought along her cutie 

2 year old Qtr horse gelding, Oliver.. and he and Junior are already best pals.


               After seeing our Grandsons , Corlan and Quincy in Seattle for Christmas, we decided we would go to the American Hanoverian Society Annual meeting in Portland , at the beginning of Feb. and go over to Seattle to see them again! So soon we fly off . The meeting  is always a very fun and exciting event, sharing news, and ideas , and  learning  how better to breed Hanoverians and show them off to the  world.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!    2011

IN December, Rosall and Dragee by Donavan went with JJ Tate to Florida, to train and show!  Rosall to begin his FEI efforts in earnest..  andDragee to become confirmed under saddle , walk , trot and canter, as she is a coming 4 year old!

Donavan is entering his 26th year. We love this guy and he looks super! Distinguished by the gray on his eyes and muzzle, but chipper and fun to be with.  We are excitedly awaiting his foal out of out lovely TB mare, Little Black, called Beauty!

Check out this great photo of Donavan by a  client of ours.

Richard Malmgren of Hassler Dressage takes lovely photos of Rosall .. With  Jessica Jo   " JJ"  Tate up. here is a sample:  below.










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