GOV inspection: Royall KIS; 2009, Premium Colt


Rosall's first colt, registered as Royall KIS  made a great impression at the GOV inspection on September 12, 2009. They commended him on his trot and type.. and awarded him a Premium award.

He was then shown at Dressage at Devon, September 22-24th.  see below.



©photos by Susan McAdoo







Dressage at Devon 2009 was great experience for Rusty.. ( Royall KIS). He handled it like a champion, and he earned very nice comments form the judges, including, an 8.0 on conformation, and a "Great Future Ahead". Christian Shacht of the Oldenburg NA, was very impressed and liked him very much.  At only 4 months of age, he has a bright future!!





            Royall KIS

This is a very exhausting show for a youngster, and we all were glad to get home!

The handler is a Hassler Dressage handler! They were great in helping to show off this boy.