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Riverland Farm News from 2006;

What a year! Read here to remember the good stuff!!

Most recent first..

October 7, 2006

Dr.Schmidt was out today and we now know that Caviar, our Cor Noir Mare, will be having a filly next year.  So for 2007 it will be 2 fillies and one colt! This filly by Donavan out of Caviar wiill be an elegant and gorgeous moving filly if she is anything like her brother , Don Noir ..now in GA with the Blairs.   Cannot wait to see this little one. Due in June.  See her on the mares page.

Our Condolences Go out  to Marcy Gravett, the  breeder/owner of

2006 Filly D'Yquem (Emmy)

Click on the head shot for more photos

I  have been informed today, September 27, 2006 that little Emmy was found in her

pasture with a fatal wound to her head, and was humanely put to sleep. We are sorry that this could have happened to any foal, but especially to such a lively, lovely , sweet filly. She will stay in my heart. wwc





Breaking news!

Premium Foal Award for Dee Butler's "Donnachie" aka Faith.

Dee Butler has called from  her new home in S.Carolina, that her filly by Donavan just was awarded a Premium Foal award by the  Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society(GOV).. Congratulations!

The judges description was: elegant face,head, nice neck, super shoulder! Faith has  long legs and shows her "attitude" according to Dee..she is only 2 months old!  Dee says this one is hers!!

I am hoping for a new photo soon! Read on the  Offspring page, about Dee and her Horse of her Dreams, Donnica, her first one by Donavan.

September 15, 2006: Wow! It has been a very busy week since I listed the last news. First of all , Don Noir, (Donavan x Caviar) is home with the Blairs..but the transport home to Georgia was  a terrible ordeal and Terry Blair and I want you all to avoid using the  hauler she ended up with; HorsePower Transport. They did not communicate well, they were rude, they  had us both in a panic because they would not tell us where Donnie was when they did not deliver him on time,.etc. I can tell you a long story but you can call me or read Terry Blair's email  sent to the  source where she got the  name: I advise when you are having a horse hauled, get a written itinerary, a license plate of the truck, check with the Better Business Bureau, and have them sign a contract that you prepare also.

Anyway the colt is home and  they love him and we are relieved.

Pilot is a star!

During the time that the colt was travelling, I was  also in KY, at the Kentucky Horse Park, where JJ Tate was showing several horses, one of which was my 7 year old Han. gelding by Donavan, Duesenjaeger, aka Pilot. Pi and JJ won all 3 of the classes he was shown in, 2 at second level and one at First.

The scores ranged from 69.2% to 73.7+%!! 

This season, both in KY and on the East coast in Region 1, Pilot is undefeated!


Duesenjaeger (Pilot)  turned in 3 First place tests  at Dressage at the KY Horse Park!  ~ WOW!

I cannot thank JJ enough for  giving Duesenjaeger the best start and training possible!

Davy Crockett:

JJ also says "Watch for Davy Crockett in 2007!" 

JJ reports that  Davy is going very well, and for a 3 year old is  far along!

Look at Davy with JJ up right before his 3rd birthday.  JJ plans to prepare Davy for the 4 Year old championships, he will be with Pilot in Florida soon.

Is this Donavan's clone or what ?? 



We are also very proud of JJ and her youngster  Donnermuth , who were 6th in the North American Young Horse Championships for 5 year olds.  He will prepare for  Devon now, and the 6 year old  championships in 2007.


JJ and Donnermuth, 6th Pl. Young Horse Ch. 5 year old.

For more about JJ and Donnermuth go to JJ's Page


The Kids keep on going!!

**Riverland Farm also wants to congratulate Margaret Goodell and her Donavan son, Drachen Herz, on his wins in the  Mature stallion s (over 4) class=First place, 82.25% from Hilda Gurney; and #1 in the stallion championship. And placings by the Donavan grandson, Dragon Fly!


World Equestrian Games, Aachen August 20-27:  A wonderful experience! We were so lucky to be able to attend the WEG  in August. It was my first trip to Germany and  it was truly a perfect time. The fans of all nations cheered for everyone; the horses and riders were some of the best in the world, and  the atmosphere was electric.  We also were able to visit a sales barn near Aachen and see some lovely horses, we visited Cologne Germany, and Brussels Belgium.  We were with JJ Tate and her mom Candy  and able to spend time with Charles deKunffy, Gerhard Politz, Gyula Dallos, his daughter Sophia who rode in the Games,  Oded Shimoni , George and Robrta Williams stopped by, such fun to discuss the rides with such knowledgeable horsemen.


September 6, 2006:

Don Noir goes home to Georgia tonight! Caviar's wonderful colt by Donavan is leaving for his new home  today. I am  going to really miss this handsome boy. I have spoken numerous times with his new "mom" Terry Blair and wish I could be there when she meets him!  We know he is starting a wonderful new life and will be an Eventer when Terry reaches her goal! With Donavan and Caviar being his parents he is suited to this goal! Wish it did not take so long to grow them up!

Also, I have not spent any time telling you about our 2 special horse on the farm. One is my 16h, buckskin part Mustang, part TB, part Hanoverian, mare Faith. The other is Spirit, our half mustang, half Cheval Canadienne .

Go to Faith and Spirit's Page to know more. Faith is my around the farm and Dressage lesson horse, and Spirit is  my husband's young horse out of our other buckskin mustang, Sugar. (see her on the mares page).

Lily coninues her under saddle tune up and we are finding she is suited nicely to Hunters as well as Dressage..she enjoys going over the free jumps in the arena. I received a bit of old video and she shows she can do the changes after the jump..

see her on the Sales Page.

The Excitement continues: A filly and colt are expected  at Riverland Farm for 2007..Filly out of Bianna; Colt out of Manhattan.. Caviar will be ultrasounded soon for her results.

See below what an in utero purchase did for  the Blairs of Georgia..(Don Noir)

Breaking News!! : 7/23/06

Caviar's colt by Donavan , Don Noir, just won Top Foal honors at the Oldenburg NA inspection at Meadow Brook Farm in IL.  His overall score was a 8.2. (It takes an 8.0 or higher to be Premium). We took a day to prepare and get there, and the second day was all about watching others , seeing stallions try to be approved and then presenting our guy.

We were so thrilled to have him win the title.

He is a Premium Oldenburg. He is getting darker, and more handsome each day. Stallion prospect?

     Go To Don Noir's Page





Donny is owned by the Blairs of Georgia..an in utero purchase!

Catching up with "Lilly"..Donavan's Darling.  (see her on the Sales page)

Suitable for Hunter or Dressage


As I mentioned before I have purchased Donavan's Darling, aka Lily for

retraining and re-sale. I felt she could benefit from some consistent training and  our special Riverland Farm  nurturing atmosphere. Well first she went to Wyngate Equestrian Center where Greta Pell worked with her for several months and  addressed  some of Lilly's needs, and now she is home and soaking up our   atmosphere and playing with our mares! She is a doll. I  had Shelley Day, another trainer I  respect who comes to my place to give me lessons a few times a month, to ride her and she says she is coming along.She is showing promise as a Hunter or Lower Level Dressage horse, with a very loving nature. Broodmare?? Lilly is for sale and will be a very nice horse for a confident rider who wants a horse that wants to be your special girl. I would like to sell her to a good home , as I have very limited space right now, so if you are interested please give a call. 262-243-9190. wwc


Lilly, and Greta Pell, June 2006

I  am bursting with pride.

July 21, 2006: Duesenjaeger wows us all! Just heard from Jessica Jo Tate that  our "Pilot" just won the Born in the USA championship at Dressage at Lexington  (VA)!!. That is so exciting. HIs score was well over 76%.  He has been winning High point awards and Blue ribbons at First and Second level. I am so proud of him . As some of you know  "Pilot" is my first born out of my approved TB, Ona Rainy Day ( Remy) that I selected and purchased way back when, and I have kept him. He was just what I ordered...I did not know or plan that he would be going this well in competition. I ride him when he is home. JJ says he loves his work and really pumps up at the shows. He is a bit of a clown at home.

July 11, 2006:

Our Duesenjaeger(Pilot) is doing really well out east with JJ Tate. He is earning scores from high 68% to middle 70%!  He is going to a couple of other shows and hopes to be qualifying for Regionals ( Region 1) perhaps at both first and second level!! This is his first  season of Second level.

Also, if you go to our link - We Get Letters, you will catch up on how Doha Day, (Dodie) is doing! She is now under saddle and her new owner is so pleased with her. I consider her my special girl, she is out of Pilot's mom, our Remy . It was so was hard to let her go. But Kristi Fleck is the right person for her and she said , "see ya at Silverwood!" wwc


July 6, 2006 update :

This has been a filly year!! All very lovely and making their proud breeders very happy.

We have one of the colts, Don Noir by Donavan out of our Premium Oldenburg mare, Caviar by Cor Noir, and he is a super colt. He is sold, :-(, however his dam is now confirmed in foal so we hope to get another one!!  See below in earlier news and visit the Foals of 2006 page to see more of him. His new owner , Terry Blair of Atlanta wants to wait to decide about gelding since he is so nice! He will be presented at the ISR/Oldenburg NA inspection on July 23 in Illinois at Helmut Schrant's Meadow Brook Farm. Then he will be weaned and on his way to Terry's! Riverland Farm will definitely will miss him!

Success at last, Dee Butler's new Donavan filly.

Dee Butler of Virginia, soon to be SC, one of Donavan's most loyal fans and breeders has finally gotten her second Donavan foal on the ground! Dee has gone through some heartache when one year twins were lost and another year of strange problem with mares not cycling, changing vets etc. She has her beloved Donnica, " Horse of  my Dreams" by Donavan now  going beautifully under saddle, ready to win, who also is dam of a fabulous Premium GOV filly sold to an admirer in the East.  Dee calls herself Donavan's East Coast Cheerleader and has followed his career  since before I have owned him. Dee is thrilled with this new fillly, and says this one is for her!!

We have not heard the name yet, but that she is bay, with some white socks. Other details and photos to come. Dee is in the middle of planning her move to a new home in Charleston,SC , but says she will retain the title of Donavan's East coast cheerleader.  ( I think there are a few who would like to join her in a group!)


June 21, 2006: USEF Leading Sires Lists

On my soap box: something to think about. 

Other news on this date:


New photos of our Donavan clone, Davay Crockett.

Davy is as close to being just like Donavan as one could hope for :

Below, Donavan on left, Davy on right


To see more of Davy Crockett, go to Davy's page here.

Davy is going well under saddle and is a new 3 year old..JJ Tate now has him in PA to ready for competition in the future.

Catching Up!!  June 10, 2006

First, Doha Day, who was sold to Kristi Lamp Fleck, is being prepared for her first days under saddle .

Look what a lucky girl she is. She is by Donavan out of AHS approved TB, Ona Rainy Day .

Read more about her on the Offspring, accomplishments and Mares pages.

Second, both Bianna and Manhattan (Precious Icon) are now in foal to Donavan for 2007. Manhattan's foal is already spoken for, we will wait to see what to do with Bianna's foal. We know it will be very nice, we have waited for her to grow up since  she was a year old when we bought her. She is lovely and comes from a great pedigree, Bordeaux (Bolero) , AbajoXX.

Doha Day(Dodie) and Kristi>

We know Bianna will cross beautifully with Donavan. Read more about her on the Mares page., and earlier News entries.

Third: Our new filly, Dakairi, out of Atlanta, our lovely gray  Dutch mare, is now shedding hr foal hair and looking very dark, almost black..however I think she will be gray eventually. She is so cute!  very athletic, and talks!!

Our new filly Debrentanya, has grown longer legs!! She is out of our Elite mare, Bevolina by Brentano II . She is a very beautiful and calm foal, and her  Dam is schooling her in FEI movements.

The colt, Don Noir, is fabulous and makes me almost sad that he is sold!
We love him so much we are definitely breeding his mom Caviar back to Donavan


You can read more about the new ones in earlier news, or from the Offspring and Sales pages and using the link at the top for Foals of 2006.

*We have finally shot some good video on the foals.  The first copies are going out this coming week, and we'd be happy to send out a DVD if you are interested in possibly purchasing a foal. wwc 262-243-9190.


June 5, 2006 :

Besides this being my wedding anniversary and Marty being in South Africa on business,(but I got lovely flowers), I just heard from Kathy Steflovich in NY that on May 26th a filly was born! She was 2 weeks early but is just fine. She is bay, of course, with a star and snip (yay Donavan) and a combination of  socks and stockings on 3 feet!! Kathy says she is just lovely, very sweet and friendly, and a keeper! Her mom is an approved TB.  I am anxiously awaiting a name and a photo.


June 2, 2006:

Just got a wonderful call from Hazel Clinton in Texas, that her Donavan filly was just born! She says she is very long legged, refined  and very feminine. She is Bay!  with no markings ..like her Dam! This is a keeper!  Hope to see some pictures soon! Congrats to Hazel  of Hycourt Farm, and her business partner /trainer  Janet Manley. They kept their Donavan colt from last year, Dickens.  I hear he is a "dickens"! He plays all day with the other yearling ( a Weltmeyer colt) and they get into mischief.  He is a future eventer! Congratulations!

June 1, 2006: Spring/Summer in Wisconsin (later than many places)

We finally are having some really summery weather, hot ..even. The Spring bulbs, iris, daffodils, tulips are now up and even some fading, and now the trees and shrubs and other flowers are about to pop. I have a nest of newly hatched birds at my  front door, nestled in a wreathe I put out there.  I have seen them from egg  on!

True to Spring , Donavan is well and a busy boy, and mares are getting in foal!!

The 3 foals are now just bouncing around the pastures, and 2 maiden mares are now in foal to Donavan. See Bianna and Manhattan on the Mares page. We will breed back Caviar to Donavan since this colt is sold already and he is so nice.  I intended to give the mares a break for a year, but so tempting to breed them again. The fillies are beautiful. Will decide soon.


Duesenjaeger, Pilot is in Pennsylvania with JJ Tate

preparing to come out at 2nd level soon. I am so proud of my "last best horse" (read the story of our Farm and Donavan). wwc




Davy Crockett, our 3 year old stud colt is  continuing to learn his new job, able to be ridden, and looks wonderful..seems to naturally understand going to the bit, and giving his back ..great balance for a 3 year old, and excellent work ethic. (click on his name, go to the colts page, and follow links to more photos!

Davy at 2 years old.

We are now looking forward to the inspections for our foals, the AHS inspection is August 2 and the ISR/Oldenburg  inspection for us is July 23. Due to scheduling conflicts for us, we will go to Illinois for the Oldenburg inspection  and be in Mequon, nearby for the AHS..

We will be attending our son Adam's wedding to Helen Wang in Seattle on July 2, and really looking forward to it. Our son just earned his PhD in Electrical ( computer wiz) Engineering  and we were there in Berkeley ,CA recently to see him get the degree.

May 23, 2006:

The foals are super, now playing in the pasture, thank goodness the rain has stopped, and all are strong and healthy

Each one is as sweet as the next, but with distinct personalities!  Reluctantly, we have decided we can sell the fillies so learn more on the Sales page. The colt is already sold.

Two foals meet!




May 10, 2006:

Two more foals on the ground. One is in Georgia. Dr. Pattie Schaeflern Barnes has written in about hernew colt by Donavan. She reports, he is strong, has straight legs , is very friendly and curious and outgoing. This one also was a surprise of sorts...when the mare was showing very little evidence of impending birth, then all of sudden he was there. This year  it seems the mares are being very independant!  Photos are promised so I am looking forward to that.

Bhritta O'Neill in Montana finally has her filly! ( named Dryianna,) However Bhritta had to go through a round of bad luck to end up with a wonderful filly.  Two years ago, She treasured a mare she owned. Lady Dhrenn, as she called her,who was an older Hanoverian mare and Bhritta was determined to continue the legendary , traditional Hanoverian lines, that Donavan has in his pedigree, Dirk, Duft II and Duellant..

She has a wonderful vet, Dr. Jack who said the mare, though 24 or 25 years old , could still carry a foal. so we crossed all fingers and toes and Lady Dhrenn  got pregnant one try!  Wisconsin and Montana were cheering. Much later on in tfhe pregnancy, Lady Dhrenn passed away. Bhritta was heartbroken for the loss of her mare and the Donavan foal.

So then she and I went on a search for mares for her. I helped her find one out east, Decoupage; and she found one, Hobbitt, closer to home. So then they were bred last year. It appeared when first checked , that both had resorbed their pregnancy.

This Spring when Bhritta and I continued our journey together and were making plans for another try, Dr. Jack did an exam and surprise..Hobbitt was pregnant and due in less than a month.  A communication  glitch with her vet had led to this result!

Filly for Sale~ So now there is a sweet filly on the ground, named Dryianna,  born May 4, bay with 4 white socks, and a star! Bhritta called and was almost speechless. She is  imprinting her and  just so thrilled. Now since her plan is to breed the mares back to Donavan she is offerring this one for sale,  so she can raise the money for more breedings and the ability to keep some others.  I am waiting for photos, and more form Bhritta.  Dam is Hobbitt, a Holsteiner mare. Her coloring is a blood bay....black mane and tail, she's stands...16'1 , previously Hunter , jumper and Dressage. She is by Camelot out of Foxen  and was a special honors merit foal.

This is an especially heartwarming story..why I continue to  encourage everyone to hang in there...wwc


May 8, 2006:

Yesterday, we just got a very nice call from Tarra Wright in North Carolina about her colt that was just born. He is a big boy, with 4 white socks!! Donavan seems to have added a sock this year to a few! (from the more usual 3)   Her gorgeous mare who was top at her Performance test a few years ago, achieved her Elite status with the birth of this boy who she is naming a super name, Diallo, which is African for "Bold." She said he is running in the pasture already. She sounded very happy! I hope to have some photos soon. So congratulations on several counts! See the day old colt below..more to come. wwc



May 1, 2006: Riverland's Colt!!





Now we are finished! The colt, by Donavan out of Premium Oldenburg  Mare Caviar was born, about 11PM on April 30.  Today we saw him and he is a very fine colt! He has 4 socks..a star and snip. He got the whole package!!  We are very excited for Terry and Jeff Blair of Georgia who are the proud owners of this fellow, already named Don Noir ..the Don of course for Donavan, the Noir for his Dam sire Cor Noir.

*please click on photo for more.

<Photos, pasture at home, age 2 days.>

Don Noir is a long legged and very personable colt..strong and already prancing outside!

Reminding us a bit of Duesenjaeger..Pilot.

Read about his Damsire Cor Noir on the Mares page.



April 30, 2006: Riverland Farm announces....


Our Second 2006 Filly!! By Donavan.

For more photos click on Debbie's photo.

Here we are sharing the egg on our faces with our Veterinarian! We had thought we were having a colt out of Bevolina, our Elite Hanoverian mare..but we have a






Riverland Farm News from 2005

News about Donavan, his offspring and accomplishments.

Most recent news first.


December 4. 2005. Doha Day has been sold.

Dodie, our coming 3 year old by Donavan, out of Ona Rainy Day, has been sold to Kristi Lamp Fleck of the Quad Cities area of Iowa. Kristi has been keeping an eye on Dodie for a while and  recently made up her mind to buy her. We are thrilled. Kristi is studying to be  a farrier and after school is finished she will be picking up Dodie in April.  She and her husband Bryan came to visit twice and Dodie seems just very pleased to play with them!!  Bryan trains reiners, and Kristi is loving Dressage..Kristi, says, "See ya at Silverwood!!"  I will shed a tear over this one, as she is full sister to my Duesenjaeger, (Pilot)..out of my Remy! wwc



November 17, 2005

Donavan has just completed his 2 weeks of being collected for frozen semen and reports are terrific!

Dr. Andy Schmidt of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, reports that Donavan , the perfect Gentleman, was collected  every other day and did a fine job, and his numbers are excellent. Select Breeders Southwest  was there with their mobile  unit and a group of stallions kept everyone very busy for the last 2 weeks.   Donavan has a100 % conception rate so far for his frozen semen..not always the case ..it means great semen, and super vets too! Oh of course healthy mares!   The use of frozen semen is a very good option for breeding for your special foal. Ask about this possibility . wwc



November 1, 2005

Stallion of the Year in Germany, Argentinus!

The legendary lines hold true!!

This is very exciting. Argentinus is by Argentan, and he is out of a Duden II mare who goes back to Duellant. Donavan is by Derwisch whose line follows the D line back to Duellant. His dam line is Akelei by Argentan!! Talk about learning new things each day, please take time to read about Argentinus, and others at the website Horse-Gate.com. I just added it to my Links page.. There are photos of Argentan, and a long story about Argentinus, and others. The site is still being added to, so we cannot yet read about Derwisch, but he is on the list as he stood at the Hanoverian state Stud at Celle until his death a few years ago. The description of  the personality and behavior of Argentinus and Argentan show such similarities to Donavan! I was grinning from ear to ear.

Enjoy! wwc


October, 24, 2005

There is always something new to Learn!

*Click above link to read about the AHS inspection in Texas where Donnacha was registered a Hanoverian.


Dressage at Lamplight, September 24, 2005.

Our boy D'Aktion , out of our lovely gray mare, Atlanta,  took an important second place in his yearlings class at the Cosequin Breeders Series Finals , at Lamplight in Wayne Illinois.  He then went on to place 7th out of about 18 I think, in the Colts and Geldings (all ages) Championship class.  He was so well behaved  throughout all of the hoopla, we are so pleased. Yearlings are hard to show, as I have mentioned before. Congrats. to our friends and our vet, Dr. Doug and Shannon Langer who bred the winner of the class, Decadence..their weanling!

September 9, 2005:

Dr. Andy Schmidt of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic, came out to the farm and examined our 3 pregnant mares, and "sexed" them, ultrasounding to see what sex each foal is. He is confindant that Premiuim Oldenburg mare, Caviar by Cor Noir, (maiden ) is carrying a colt; Atlanta (Aktion) (aka Pepper), dam of our fabulous D'Aktion , is carrying a filly; and Elite mare Bevolina, is carrying a colt. Bevolina,(Brentano II), Dam of this year's darling Gracie, is not as far along so he said he is not as sure but  Andy is rarely wrong!!  

This is so exciting.. Caviar's foal could be a super Jumper and  a stallion prospect..Of course Bevolina and Donavan are very capable of producing a stallion prospect and wonderful Dressage horse, and Atlanta , "Pepper" has already shown us her son is a very talented yearling..winning at shows!!

Any of these can be reserved in utero, with a non- refundable down payment..and the purchase price will be less than after birth and after inspection.  call 262-243-9190.

September 4: De Bonne Grace, "Gracie", left for her home with Addie and Jason Crymes in Canton, Georgia, and  she was such a good girl!!  She had been weaned very easily from her mom, Bevolina,  got on the trailer with just one request, and traveled well. Addie reports she took a big nap and then  called all of the horses to come in to see her!! She is now out playing with her new buddy , their mini!  I really miss this one, but know she is on to a new wonderful life with the Crymes!

August 24

Less than 1 month to the weddng of our daughter to Jimmy Kilmartin...we are sprucing up the farm!

Jill and Jimmy will wed on September 17 and we are busily planting and painting etc..

The horses are also going to be wearing their best! We will post a few pictures.


August 24th, 2005:

The good news: Another mare owner has just reported in with a pregnancy from using frozen semen from Donavan, that makes it 7 out 7, 100% success so far! (but who is counting?)..so that includes my daughter this year too; andher mare has only one ovary! So see , the committed vet, the good mare, the right timing and a bunch of luck!!  :-)

The bad news: Our Pilot, Duesenjaeger has susained a bit of an injury to his left fore and won't be going to Regional Finals  at Training level and Fiirst level this year. He is listed in the top 20 for Horse of the Year at First level also, ..oh bummer. However if Rocher can take a year off to mend, Pilot can take off a couple of months and come back well for next year!   The cause for lameness was confirmed by MRI that Wisconsin Equine has  and finally identified the cause ..so we are lucky to have such a great vet clinic and know what  to do for Pi now. That 's the way of this business! So Pilot gets to come home for the wedding!


August, 2005: Dornroshen, aka Dilly, by Donavan out of Dots N Orbit, has been sold!!

Our daughter Jill's 3 year old, has been sold and it is such a nice story.   It seems the gentleman has bought a surprise Christmas present for his wife who has been wishing for a high quality horse to finish herself..and Dilly is just what she wants. So she stays with Jill for a bit longer, then goes to another part of Texas!


Congratulations to Jennifer Easterlund, MN, on the birth of her new filly by Donavan..I think this this is the last one of this season, Another for sure Donavan offspring, with 3 white socks and star and snip! Bay , of course!! Her Dam is TB and  filly is to be named D'Loanalot, called Loana...Jen has a good humour way of expressing her feelings about the $ she spent, to produce this fine filly! (This is a frozen semen filly).

More photos on the page of Foals of 2005, and offspring page!



Riverland Farm announces:

Three in foal for 2006 ! We are so happy that 3 of our mares are in foal by Donavan for next year.

Atlanta, now approved ISR/Oldenburg NA, AHS and RPSI, is expecting a Donavan foal..see her son D'Aktion, Premium Oldenburg.

Caviar, Premium Oldenburg mare by Cor Noir is in foal to Donavan, for a super foal..could be a jumper!!

And our Elite Hanoverian mare, Bevolina is in foal to Donavan for a full sibling to our DeBonne Grace, this year's lovely filly. Any of these foals can be reserved for purchase in utero..with a price that is lower than after they are  foaled. Please call for information..or use our contact page.



The American Hanoverian  Society 2005 Inspection for us is over! What a wonderful day we had.

At nearby Oldenburg  Farm here in Mequon ,WI, we saw a "slew" of Donavan foals get registered and branded because a good number of non-Hanoverian mares were approved!! We are so excited. First our mare Bevolina is officially an Elite mare because the lovely filly, DeBonne Grace is here and now branded with AHS US brand. (she is also sold!) Congratulations to Addie Crymes of Georgia on her purchase.

  Nancy Sielaff's lovely Westphalen mare, Nicki was approved so her filly Dulcinea is branded Hanoverian.

The sweet gray Shagya Arabian mare owned by Liz Stroemer was approved, which is major feat, and her darling filly, Darbye is Hanoverian!  Edda Thors Oldenburg (GOV) mare, Greetings was approved and her filly, Danka is now wearing her Hanoverian brand.

In addition to those mares and foals, Digby, colt out of Han. MMB Winpenny(Weltbekannt) was there to be branded, owned by Valerie Ahl, and Valerie's Han. MMB Winteroza(Winterprinz) was there and her colt Drizzle was also branded! He is now owned by the Ahl's friend and trainer, Bobbie McDonald. Valerie also owns a 2004 colt, Divine and cannot decide who to sell!

We also took the young Han. Bianna-Bordeaux x Alexa (Abajo XX) to be approved and she did a nice job, and is in the Main Mare Book.

And we are so proud and pleased to report that our lovely mare, Atlanta,(Aktion) known as Pepper, D'Aktion's dam, is now approved AHS also!! She did her mare performance test and got an 8 on her trot , and was admirable at jumping  in the jump chute!   She is in foal to Donavan for 2006! That foal can be a Hanoverian  or Oldenburg now! (If purchased early ie, in utero, owner can decide which registry they want to go to. )


We cannot forget the enormous help and talent that we were able to utilize from some wonderful young people we know. Heidi  Hau, practically catch-rode Atlanta(Pepper) (after only 2 practices) for the MPT when  Linda , a super working student of JJ TATE's hurt her back and could not ride. Still, Linda came and helped in so many ways. She braided the mares and the filly Gracie, and kept us on our toes, walked them during in hand, and helped us get everyone on and off the trailer..gave them baths in the wash stall, even though they might not have wanted to go...and just was a super help! Heidi was also there to help Edda Thors with her mare Greetings and filly Danka, by Donavan, so these young women are my heroes!!

We also thank Andrea Rate , a woman who has been very helpful to us in starting our young boy Spirit (see Mares page, he is out of our mustang Sugar)  and oversees the barn when we are away..a very valuabale help!! She was also on hand as "Extra Hands"!!

Look up some info on these mares and foals on the Offspring page and mares page (for our  mares).


July 22, 2005:

New Donavan daughter for sale:

Check out Donavan's Darling, aka Lilly, on the   Sale   page, going well under saddle,

potential in several disciplines, a lovely face to boot!! $15,500. a very fair price!! 


July 19,2005 :

Here is a special horse for sale, A Donavan  Oldenburg NA. gelding that I will highlight here and then refer you to the Sales page.  His name is  Dragoon and he was born in '99 , is now 6 years old and  going very nicely under saddle. He was bred and is owned by Tish Ebbott here in Wisconsin. He was a stallion for a long time, since he was so quiet and easy to handle, Tish even bred him and has 2 of his youngsters for sale as well. Tish was an early breeder of Donavan offspring, one filly, Deja, is the main character in the true story of Deja's Legacy written by Jackie Ege, see the Letters page at the top of this page. The other is  now owned by  Kathy Cook.  Tish now has twins of her own, and is reluctantly selling him.


Dragoon , Donavan son, For sale by Tish Ebbott. scvfarm@aol.com.

Please go to the Sales page for more information.




Just sharing: This is "Prada", (Dolce Vita) a filly from last year owned by Emily Newman.

She is growing nicely, Emily loves her!


Sunday, July 10,2005: Quick News./.Donavan's first "Handalusian" was just born...Brenda Schulte of Grafton WI, owns the lovely Maya , an Andalusian mare and she just had a colt by Donavan this morning! I will personally go see this one and take some photos!   Brenda reports a tall fellow, with what appears to be 3 socks, one being a small white mark at the back of one fore. He is a dark color and she is hoping he will stay dark, but mom is a gray.  Brenda owns a big Donavan gelding , known as DJ..Dejavu...who is nicely going under saddle!

And , our "Pilot" , Duesenjaeger , today at Silverwood, has gotten another 68+% to seal the qualification for Regional championships at First Level.   He missed it on Sat. since he threw in a flying lead change he was not supposed to do at that level!! :-(  He is getting ahead of himself! ( and ahead of JJ).

Last but not least, though  still so early in the season, Donavan is listed #5 on the Dressage Breeding Leading Sires List. That is just with Drachen Herz' score in ..but there should be some in soon for Doha Day and D'Aktion as well as others across the country that might be showing in hand!  and  He is also among the top 1/3, I think of Dressage Sires ..hard to beat Weltmeyer! tee hee. Please if you are showing, list the Sire, have your USDF, USEF, lifetime numbers, and  be sure all dues are paid etc!

And though not going to be at the very top,. there are some points for some Hunter offspring for Donavan under the Hunter  Sires List too!   ( so many points in that  discipline??!) WE are proud of these individuals, that have chosen to use their Donavan offspring in disciplines that are not his..however that does show his versatility as a Sire!  I think I might rope from Pilot's back!!


   7/5/2005 The News we have been waiting for!!

The mare , Eve of Victory, a wedding present to our daughter, Jill, just had the colt we were expecting!!

Jill offers this fine colt by Donavan for sale, $8500.00 prior to inspection in October , in Texas.

Call her at 254-697-4249. Visit the Sale page.

Evie 's colt was born on July Fourth!! Just as I predicted I have to add!! :-) He is exceptional as predicted. Tall and strong, handsome and  with winning ways already! Evie is a TB mare with great  talent and background and an excellent cross for Donavan.  She is an approved TB mare, 16.2hh, top non-Hanoverian at her AHS inspection because she has very good movement, unusual for many TB's. This colt can be purchased by the right buyer..with  expectations for success in either Jumping or Dressage!

Here are the first photos of "Dunny", barn name for the Irish name, Donnacha that Jill and Jimmy have selected which I cannot pronounce yet!


At a few hours .................................................................................. .... and then at 2 weeks.

         ~Visit Dunny on the Offspring and Foals of 2005 pages as more photos come in !~


June 28, 2005: Thanks very much to those who requested a video of Donavan's final performance

at the Midwest Horse Fair. Your response is so nice, and the donations

to the HARPS  rescue is greatly appreciated.

They will have it  soon and  I  encourage you  to visit their website.


June 20, 2005:   Word just in!  Nancy Sielaff's ( WI) Nicki just gave birth to a lovely filly!! Bay, with 2 hind socks and spot on her forehead! Nancy is very pleased, also reports she is tall! Well, Nicki is 16.3 hh Westphalen, out of the same mare that our Bianna is out of ..Alexa, Hanoverian mare that came over from Germany with Donavan!  Pictures are here. Name is tentatively: Dulcinea..Dulci. NIce :-) CONGRATULATIONS!

We are getting closer to the end of the birth announcemements, a few to go..

I do want to mention that I am sorry for the mare owners whose mares passed away , in foal. There were a few this year, not a usual thing, that is so sad and we  share the sadness. Also our hearts go out to the mare owners whose mares resorbed a pregnancy last year..it has happened to us and to most breeders, and it is very frustrating but part of this industry..mares can be unpredictable, we know some reasons  for this and then there are the unexplainable .   So we just think good thoughts and try again, if we can..Call with any questions.~Wendy -262-243-9190

June 14: Colt!! Joy Snyder and I finally reached each other and she has a new colt!! "Whatever his name is " is a Donavan..3 white socks and that star and feint snip!  I am so excited for her..hmmm, by now the colts may have caught up with those fillies!

June 13, 2005: Another filly!!  June 7,  was the date for the birth of Bella's filly. Bella is a  beautiful Shagya Arabian mare belonging to Elizabeth Stroemer (also owner of Destrea by Donavan). Her voice sounded ecstatic on the phone message and she says the filly is just lovely!! We wish Liz a full recovery from a recent hospitalization! Cannot wait to get photos of this beauty!


June 10-11, 2005. A very sucessful weekend! Duesenjaeger , "Pilot" continues to wow us all. He and JJ Tate scored a 72% and 75 % in Training level and First Level classes at Silverwood Dressage, Camp Lake WI over the weekend.  He looks fantastic and continues to please the judges and go about his business as if he has been doing it his whole life..at age 6 he has a super future ahead of him!!


Well don't count out Pilot's little sister Doha Day!!   Dodie('03)  was there too along with brothers D'Aktion ('04) and Davy Crockett ('03) ..and they all made us very proud! Dodie took First Place  in 2 year old fillies , with high marks for her movement,  and D'Aktion took first place yearlings colts, score over 70%,. DAX was also also Reserve Champion in the  colts and geldings qualifier for the Breeders Series Championships to be held at Dressage at Lamplight later on in the Season!!


June /6/05..And not to be out done, another colt!  We just got word from Valerie Ahl, in WI that Winpenny , her mare that she bought from Riverland Farm, gave birth to another long legged colt , 10 days early on 6/3.  He is full sibling to our Davy Crockett, and her first born, Divvy (Divine). He had a bit of rough start, since he was early and big, but is doing really well. Look at this nice colt:


Name could be Digby..after a friend of the Ahl's in England ! Sounds great!



A colt, a colt!! Winteroza, a Han. mare born here at Riverland and then sold to Valerie Ahl, just had a Donavan colt in April.  Name is to be Diarmid ,  I will check. He is going gray, mom is gray, and looks wonderful. Dam is by Winterprinz. We bought her mom  Teerose, in foal with Winteroza, later bred her to Donavan. Read her story on the Mares page.

OK! Another colt was born! VA Tech has reported the birth of a wonderful colt by Donavan out of a super mare,  Fertherlicht by Werther(Wendekreis), out of Dividende(Domingo). They are very pleased and will be sending photos! Cannot wait..


Tonka, A pinto (Percheron/Arab cross) owned by Kathy Devoran, WI  just had a Donavan bay filly. Even the pinto had a Bay! that Donavan!!  They are thrilled, see her photos on the Foals of 2005 page..very cute!


Donavan on TV!

News Flash!!  Donavan is to be on Televison, June 24, RFD channel, !!  KyraBeth Houstoof Dressage Unlimited will be taping Donavan on Tuesday, May 17 and  he will be  featured on "Donavan, Elite Hanoverian Stallion".  We are very excited..

The program is on RFD tv -- Satellite nationwide to over 30 million households, 9409 Dish, 379 Direct and airs several times during the week beginning on Friday at 2:30 PM and then 10:30 PM and then something like 2:00 AM Saturday..please check your local listings...

TV News!  The video taping went really well for the TV show..and they even wanted me to ride both Donavan and Pilot so the audience can appreciate Donavan's and Pilot's wonderful temperaments and rideability!  I had a great time and we even did 2 flying changes which I have never done before!  I cannot express what a joy it is to ride such a well trained and kind stallion. 

Please join us watching. There is some footage of Donavan running free, a bit of his Midwest Horse Fair performance, his son Duesenjaeger, me riding both!! yikes! For those who wish a copy, we will look into starting a list and making it available!




May 22, 2005.  We are happy to report that Duesenjaeger, our "Pilot" just finished another show , this time at Silverwood and he earned a 69.44 and 69.7% for 2 First level test 4's , one a qualifyer..and he also earned a  69.888 for a First Level test 1. So after his wonderful scores at Paxton Farm the weekend before, he is now qualified for Regional Finals at Training Level, and one more score to go for First Level. JJ tate was on and they were super together.


The foals are wonderful.

We are in awe of this year's crop. All are lovely, the girls look like girls, and the boys are boys!! A lot of white this year too! Is that the weather??

May 9, 2005. Look at our baby now! She has been sold, Here is Gracie at a month old. We will miss this one!!


And take a look at the 2005 colt called Dickens, bred/owned by Hazel Clinton in Texas. He is gorgeous! That Donavan snip too! a Special colt!




May 9, 2005; 2 more fillies to report, one in VT and one in WI. Congratulations to Polly
Schmid(VT) and her mare SPS Gina (by Grand Cru); and to Edda Thors and her Oldenburg mare "Greetings"!  Both are bay, and hope to have photos soon! See the Offspring page!


Correction, please note:

In error I had reported Davy Crockett was bred by Marjorie Windrem.  Not so..he was bred by Nancy Bowlus in MD and I purchased him and his Dam, lovely Winpenny when Davy was 2 months old. Winpenny, owned by Val Ahl now, is Dam to Divine, Donavan colt, and expecting another.  Apologies to Nancy .


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May 3, 2005,

Bianna is home.

Our 3 year old, Bianna by Bordeaux came home from Texas today. Our daughter Jill brought her home, after backing her. We will breed her to Donavan and continue her training. She will be presented to the Hanoverian Society for her approval possibly this summer or next.   We are also gifting our lovely TB mare, Eve of Victory to Jill and Jimmy as a wedding present so they will have a Hanoverian colt this July!!  Now Jill is able to breed Oldenburgs and Hanoverians at her Riverbottom Farm.  Evie is a sweet heart and I will miss her but Jill will keep her always! ( Contact Jill if interested in the colt.)


Sold! Our "Gracie" is now sold. We have accepted a deposit  on our filly by Donavan out of  our Elite mare Bevolina (Brentano II) and after her inspection with the AHS and her weaning, she will be travelling to Atlanta Georgia!  She will be the future Dressage mount for Addie Crymes. We are very pleased.

Her dam will be bred back very soon to Donavan for another special foal. Anyone wishing to reserve that one, let us know.  wwc


4/30/'05~ Foals News! Just heard from Canada, Lydia Kelly of Freehold Equine has announced the birth of a colt at almost midnight Friday , 4/29. Lydia reports he is lovely and will be named Derwynn! Photos are to follow! Congratulations!

~ New count, 2 colts and 4 fillies!! ~


4/27/05~ Cannot resist: Here is our daughter's young mare by Donavan, Dilly, (Dornroschen) now under saddle and just "flying" with Dad's suspension..as Jill says. Dilly is for sale, a real nice sporthorse for someone, at a very fair price.

I am a proud Grandmother to this youngster! WWC




4/25/05: Home from the fabulous

World Cup Competitions  

in Las Vegas, Nevada.!!

It was wonderful and we will have more to tell later this week. A big thrill was speakinig with Debbie McDonald and having her sign some  of our notecards with our "Gracie" on them..She is our new filly, scroll down below, out of our Elite Mare Bevolina, who is sister to Brentina..We watched as Debbie and Brentina made us all very proud taking a 3rd place in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle!!


4/25/05; Foal News!! , Lisa Dworkin, in Florida,  just wrote and announced the birth of a wonderful Donavan filly, out of her gorgeous Trakehner mare, Zejaluna..She says she will "go to the GOV, and she will go to Devon!" the photos are darling, here are a couple and I will post more soon.

    Filly by Zajaluna

She looks bay with a lot of white!! Though this mare is gray, Donavan  often throws a bay from those girls!! On the left she reminds me of our new  one, Gracie; and the right is the filly with her owner's young daughter Jessica.

Watch for Foals of 2005 page!! 

As the foals are born and owners choose to send in a picture I will post them.  wwc

And another!!  We heard from Carol Burdon, California, the other warm area of the United States..also  about her Filly:

"My mare went into labor at 9:55 p.m. last night and had her at 10:15 p.m. Easy delivery. Beautiful little filly. She is light bay with three white socks, an irregular star and snip. She has nice conformation too. I'll send pics later on today. Her name is Durham's Destiny (Deedee). My husband is English and one of our favorite English towns is Durham, England. Pics to follow. SHE'S WONDERFUL".

At this time there are 4 fillies and 1 colt.


We ( Donavan's owners) are so thrilled for them both!

This looks like a filly season so far! And the operative word is Wonderful!!





We thank all of the many friends and fans, some new some old, that  brought greetings and gifts to the Birthday Boy!  Such a bittersweet weekend. Donavan and JJ wowed everyone with their version of the  popular country songs of the day complete with JJ's  cowboy hat and long hair flying!!  We are offering to make available the video we took  of this last show, and we will charge a bit to cover costs donate the balance to HARPS, Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society. So call or write with this request.


We are off to Vegas for the World Cup, so will add more to this update later on, and some photos too!!

Thanks again! The Donavan "group" (friends and fans) is the best!! ~Wendy



April 12, 2005: Cameron Texas, my daughter Jill is now riding both her Dilly and our Bianna!! Both were backed easy as pie! No problems!! good Job Jill!~ Scroll down for more info on Dilly who is for sale.



Foal News!

March 30, 2005. Congratulations to Hazel Clinton of Texas who called in recently with the news of the birth of a spectacular sounding colt by Donavan! He is bay and 4 white socks!!

With the star! and a snip! ..Found a sock?!!

Hazel is breeding another mare to Donavan this Spring!

I cannot wait to see that one!  Update: 4/29/05...Hazel has named him Dickens!!


 Family News, March 28, 2005:

Jill, our daughter has left after a week of power shopping for her wedding. By the way, it is now to be held here, at the Farm and they will honeymoon in Ireland. We have ordered the dress which is very special and beautiful, am now on to the invitations, hotels, flowers, food, entertainment, etc .

Easter Sunday, 2005 ****IT'S A GIRL!!****

* her barn name is Gracie. View her page here!


Wendy, Berolina and filly, 4 hours old..

9:30 AM Sunday, March 27, 2005 Easter Sunday.

Berolina our Brentano II mare, just had her first foal by Donavan and this makes her an Elite mare and it is a filly!! Andy Schmidt at Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, called this morning to say the mare had waxed and he expected the baby  tonight or tomorrow, ..and about an hour later he called that she was here!! A Bay filly ! Mom seems quiet and happy with the foal! I wil be there soon to see her myself! We are so excited . This is what I "ordered" from Berolina, and she listened!!  I also had a gut feeling she would deliver ahead of the scheduled due date and she did!! I feel I have a special connection with this mare.  More news and photos will follow of course. WWC

Later, I was in love the moment I saw her..indeed our very special foal!!

By the way, a quick study of the ratio of fillies to colts sired by Donavan in the last 5 years, comes up about 50/50! This year we are at 2 fillies and 1 colt.

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...keep scrolling down, for the  Horse Fair information..

3/15-I did get on my mare Atlanta , Pepper (Dax's mom) she is so comfy! She is fairly green but not a problem.  I will start reconditioning Remy , Dam of Duesenjaeger and Doha Day, she is 23 but looks 14 and is a beauty and we may start Spirit , our half mustang , half Chevel Canadian, soon too, for Marty.

3/13/05- FIRST FOAL , A FILLY BORN; to be named Destiny.

Just got word from  Dr. Andy Schmidt , of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital that the first Donavan foal of 2005 has been born. It is  a filly!!

This is an embryo transfer foal, bred by Jan Juranich of Oconomowoc WI. Her mare, Elastik,(Ellie) is a Rhinelander whose Sire is Ehrensold(Hann) by Ehrenschild by Eindruck.  Her Dam line is primarily Westphalen.  3/14: spoke with Jan and she is very pleased to have the filly (what she wanted) and will be keeping her!

3/8/05 ~Look at Bianna!  Here is a new photo of our Hanoverian filly, Bianna by Bordeaux out of Alexa(Abajo xx); the filly we bought as a yearling to be a future mare for Donavan and a riding horse. She is in Texas with our daughter, and this is the first photo of her we have seen in long while. She looks wonderful! Side note, her breeders, the Langers of Maple Run Farm, still own her Dam , Alexa and at age 23 is expecting another foal this Spring! Great Bloodlines!


She is quite a lovely mover and has a sweet nature..... very smart.  She was reserve champion at her inspection.

March 5, 2005;

Wow, getting very close to the birth of the first one for this year. Berolina is looking big and uncomfortable! Vet was out for some scheduled vaccinations and noted B. was starting to show a bit of udder.  Now I am nervous. Do I have this one here or take her to the Clinic.  My guess is I will take her in unless she surprises me, I am a whimp..and this is her first and it is going to be special.  And it is not so warm here, though today is nice, above 40°!  She is due April 2 acording to the vets, however I thought maybe a few days earlier??  They say, 2 weeks either side of due date, so where does that make this??

       JJ Tate  is in Florida with the Big Guy and son.. (Donavan and Duesenjaeger), and both are good. Pi is training,

and Donavan is overseeing everything..he had a bruised

foot, but seems to have rallied ..he is so strong and such a trooper.!

Look at this wonderful photo of Donavan telling JJ TATE how to give a lesson , in Florida last week!

This is taken by Dee Butler's mother Rita Wyllie, who was watching her daughter take a lesson. Dee is Donavan's East Coast cheerleader, breeder/ owner of Donnica, and last year went down to take a lesson

and rode him! This year he was waiting for his foot to feel better, so she took a lesson on another horse.  You will note on the Offspring page that Donnica has had Donavan's first grandchild, Fein Dancer( Feinbrand) ..who won a Championship as a weanling! Thanks so much to Dee and her mom!

Here is a new favorite taken by Marty  in Florida just a few weeks ago,  JJ Tate was saying something like, Big D, what are we to do with you, We rode you yesterday and today your mom wants to ride and you are saying you are off??  Hmmf!  And he is saying: Let the boy give her the lesson.(Duesenjaeger! "Pilot")

PS. Donavan was checked out and it was found he had just a bruise so nothing too serious though

could reduce his upcoming dancing a bit.  (Note: Not much!!)


February 22:

Snow, snow, but we are going forward with plans to get the "ladies back in shape". Pepper (Atlanta) and Caviar are back in work.(go to the Mares page). Our friend and trainer Shelley Day has put the tack on and reacqainted the girls with being ridden! Both are responding very well and look lovely in their  gear. I will wait to make  sure they don't kick up their collective group of 8 heels too much , and then I will get on too.  Even  though we intend to breed both to Donavan in May or June, we believe the girls should stay in shape and  exercise their minds so we will give them a bit of work and discipline. 

This of course means we must dust off the tack,

recondition saddles etc, and rake the arena and water! Thanks to my

husband Marty for his  mammoth efforts to get the arena footing back to top shape.

Marty is also our photographer , and videographer and media man!!

February 11,

Home from a great time in Florida! The AHS Annual meeting was a lot of fun, and  so exciting to see so many old" new" friends!  In addition to the agenda of the meeting, the silent auction wins, and the Awards ceremony, we saw some wonderful Dressage and Jumping during the  Wellington Equestrian Festival and Dressage at Wellington.  Then I got to visit Donavan and his son Duesenjaeger(Pilot)  and take some much needed riding lessons from JJ Tate.  On my Pilot of course..he is such a nice horse.  I am so proud of him..JJ thinks he may enter a class at a show the first weekend in April.  We watched a clinic given ( where JJ and the horses are staying) , by Gerhardt Politz.  Linda, JJ's working student , rode Pilot in the  clinic . and took a lesson from JJ on Donavan. The next day , Donavan was  showing some foot soreness, so took a day off while I rode his son.  The weather was so-so at first, but brightened up before we left.

Many breeding inquiries are coming in and booking fees to hold spots in Donavan's Book. If you are considering breeding this year to Donavan please get in touch soon. Use the Contact prompt in the menu.


This year we are going to collect Donavan Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,  which is different from the "anytime" schedule we were keeping. After the wonderfully busy season last year , it was recommended by the veterinarians  to give him a break in between collection days..like many stallions. We will try to accommodate your mares' cycles and your needs but ask that you also try to fit into this scheme.  Thanks!

January 30,

We will be attending the American Hanoverian Society Annual Meeting,  Feb. 4-7 in Florida.

This should be very informative and fun!

We will see Donavan and Pilot who are  there with JJ Tate and I can get some riding in, too!

Our  '04 Colt, Dax is now as tall as his half sister Dodie, who is coming 2!!  He will be tall, and yet he is more refined..modern  type and  such a handsome sweet boy!  He is starting to notice the girls,  but he is still easy to handle!  Check him out  next to his Dam, Atlanta on the New Mares page and the Offspring page.

January 18, 2005..

Look at Honey (our shetland filly) now! 

Read more about her below!

Don't Miss Donavan's last major Grand Prix  Freestyle Exhibition!!

Happy Birthday Donavan!  

The Midwest Horse Fair is taking place once again in Madison, Wisconsin on April 15-17, 2005. Donavan and  his extraordinary partner and rider, JJ Tate will be performing their much acclaimed Grand Prix Musical Freestyle on Satuday evening and Sunday matinee this year. Please note: this will be Donavan's last major exhibition of this type, and his 20th Birthday Celebration!!


We invite Donavan's fans, their friends and families,  to come see us this year on Stallion Row!!

We will be providing special treats , showing special videos, and also offering several anniversary discounts for a breeding to Donavan in honor of this milestone.  We are very proud of Donavan's years of extraordinary accomplishments and that at his age..he continues to be a very healthy, strong , sound and talented Senior Elite Hanoverian Stallion with an amazing temperament and work ethic, and we celebrate these qualities  that  he also passes on to his wonderful offspring.

Exciting family news:

Our daughter, Jill is engaged . Her fiance is Jimmy Kilmartin, from Ireland. Jill and Jimmy have bought 15 acres in Cameron, Texas and started their own Sporthorse breeding program.  Yes , Donavan is the foundation. Her Donavan coming 3 year old, "Dilly" aka Delicious, aka Doernroeschen, is with her, see her under Delicious on the Offspring page. A bit of tongue in cheek, for now she is calling her farm," River Bottom Farm, a very small division of Riverland Farm!" (They are south of Wisconsin!) Get it?

This is our family, me, my son Adam, my husband Marty and Jill with Jimmy , our newest addition.




A Special Opportunity to Buy a Donavan Filly

Jill is selling her filly, Delicious (see above) (Dilly) by Donavan since she will be growing some new ones soon and planning her wedding. This is an opportunity to own a fine Donavan mare , about to be backed, and ready to be bred. She is a sweet young mare, exciting movement with push from behind and showing suspension and relaxation. She will be tall, with striking red bay beauty! Jill's website is being constructed at http://home.earthlink.net/~jill.costello/

Jill has several nice broodmares with her, and she also starts young ones. She has a background in Vet tech studies and has worked with Hunters , Jumpers, Standard breds and  evented a bit ..hopes to do more.

Note: New plan!! as of March 22, Jill and Jimmy will now be married here at Riverland, and then go to Ireland for  the honey moon, Such fun, lots of planning to do, but I am going on the honeymoon some how to Ireland!! :-)

Dilly, Jill and Dad.

January,10, 2005.
Donavan is now in Florida! and this time he took his son Duesenjaeger (Pilot)with him! JJ Tate will be conditioning and training several horses during the Winter Dressage festival in Wellington and the Big Guy will be staying in shape and "Pilot" will be learning some new levels..and perhaps get into a show! We will be there February 3-10 to attend the AHS annual meeting and also to see and ride the boys! We hope to see JJ Tate show one of her new horses; a Grand Prix mount named Cambay, (Chip) and a youngster she calls Petrie.