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Wendy 's Soap Box : Additional Information to Ponder

Regarding USEF Leading Sires Lists opinion.

  I want to share with you some information which may be of interest.  I mention on the News page, that Donavan has been listed very high on the USEF Leading Sires lists for the last few years.  This is so and we are proud. But we also want you to understand that these lists are based on the  results of offspring either showing in- hand, or competing in a variety of disciplines..there is a list for each. So , if a Sire has no offspring competing that year, or someone does not report the sire's name, then there are no points. So even though it is a nice accomplishment to get named, it is not necessarily a true barometer of who is a truly top sire or where they really rank. It can work both ways for a stallion , in his favor or not. For instance, this year Donavan has an approved son, Drachen Herz, who in years' past scored very well in hand and under saddle. His accomplishments surely helped Donavan achieve his high place on the Dressage breeding List. We also showed some youngsters, and they did well. This year , Drachen Herz is in training and his rider is training to reach another level under saddle now, so there are not going to be scores for him. The same is true of my gelding Duesenjaeger, (Pilot)..he is training with JJ Tate to  start second level after doing well last year at First; when he is ready she will compete..but that may or may not be soon.  Both of these boys did well in- hand before going under saddle. There are many fine Donavan foals on the ground now, some yearlings, many 2 year olds and so on. If their owners do not wish to show in hand, then there will be no points for Donavan.

Another point I will make; a stallion may have only one or two "stars"out there doing very well. Another stallion may have  20 offspring starting to compete, doing fine at lower levels. However believe it or not, a couple of "stars" can  accumulate more points than several others together. But I am not sure which is truly a sign of  "Leading" sire, one who had a couple of stars out of 150 offspring, or one who has 20 competitors out of 35 offspring! Something to think about.

Also as far as leading breeders go, once again , this is not based on how many foals, or how they rank at the inspections, they are only ranked by the offspring they have showing! So the  breeders who can get out there and show their foals, can reach a high ranking. They are to be commended for that , but there still are many super foals out there from smaller breeders who  will not be reflected by these particular USEF lists.  wwc