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Jessica Jo Tate

Dressage Rider, Trainer and Coach; USDF Gold Medalist in Dressage

JJ Tate to join Hassler Dressage in April, 2009! see 2009 below.


photo by Karen Lietz

                              JJ Tate and Elite Hanoverian Stallion, Donavan

JJ trains horse and students in the art of Classical Dressage ; she coaches at competitions, and shows horses at all levels for their owners. At times, she also represents horses for sale . She gives many clinics throughout the year at many locations both near her home and across the country. She is an articulate speaker, instructor and  clinician.  JJ Tate has ridden in clinics with notables: Gyula Dallos, Hungary, World Cup and Olympic Competitor; Oded Shimoni, Israel; Steffen Peters, US. Olympian;  Charles de Kunffy; Walter Zettel; Jane Savoie , Nicole Uphoff, Olympic Champion and others. JJ is most recently coached by Oded Shimoni , Gerhard Politz, and in 2006 , Scott Hassler, Head Coach of Young Horse Training in  USA. Note clinics to be held  on her schedule below.

Watch for JJ as she makes her way to the top of her field, with integrity, poise and dedication to what is best for the horse and the rider.

JJ aspires to success in World Cup and Olympic competitions and seeks sponsors as she seeks the top of her field.

~WE  appreciate and admire the way JJ has ridden and trained our stallion; and in 2005 started competing our gelding Duesenjaeger, and in 2006 began riding Davy Crockett, always with love and respect, talent and compassion.. please join us in our support for all she does and hopes to do. ~Wendy and Marty Costello, Donavan's owners , The Donavan Group,LLC, owners and breeders of sporthorses by Donavan.

Anyone wishing to know about breeding to Donavan should call 443-249-3566 or click the link in the upper left hand corner.

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Above: JJ and Donavan, with fans, JJ and Donavan after a demonstration, and JJ on Wills.

JJ's Cell Phone:  262-325-0099

JJ's  email:

JJ is  in Wellington FL  as of Dec. 1-2008, will return to Hassler Dressage April 1, 2009.

JJ's Schedule/Accomplishments will be updated with most recent shown first.


GoodNess Ridge Farm has closed. The owner  closed the doors Dec 1, 2008. JJ Tate and her clients and horses have  moved to another fine facility  in Woodbine, MD. Hullfield Farms.  JJ is in Florida for the winter circuit, campaigning several horses , including Rosall, Wendy and Marty Costello's Oldenburg Stallion.  She will be back in Maryland by April 1, and will be relocating to Hassler Dressage! Everyone asociated with Team Tate Dressage is very excited.  Scott Hassler  has been coaching the  US riders of Young horses as well as  training and coaching others  up to FEI levels. He is a premier horseman of the US. Hassler Dressage is located in Chesepeake City, MD.

2008:  Please go to JJ's information on the GoodNessRidge Farm website

She continues to train the youngsters, qualifying them for awards and championships, and hosting clinics with Gerhardt Politz, Charles DeKunffy, Scott Hassler, and others. She also coached a top Junior young rider  at the championships in Colorado.  She is continuing in the training of the  wonderful Rosall, Oldenburg Stallion and Petri, and Davy Crockett by Donavan, all  earning high marks and success.


October 2007:

JJ and  4 year old , Davy Crockett, Owned  by Jayne Nessif,  were Champions at Training Level  during the Region 1 Finals in Lexington VA.

Rosall and JJ at Dressage at Devon, Victory gallop!

September 2007: JJ and Davy Crockett, Donnermuth, and Rosall,  all went to Dressage at Devon, the  largest breed show in the US. Davy  earned a 3rd place in an FEI 4 year old test,  Rosall placed First  in a 4 year old stallion/gelding Materiale class, as well as placed well in 2 other classes.

For more details go to the website of GoodNess Ridge Farm, where JJ trains. 






August 9, 2007.

Jessica Jo Tate and Donnermuth  represent the USA  very well at Verden!  August 2-5, 2007

JJ Tate on her 6 year old Rhinelander gelding, Donnermuth by Don Bedo , rode the two 6 year old qualifying tests  at the prestigious  World Young Horse Dressage Breeding Championshps  in Verden Germany. She  earned many scores  well over 8.0 for her Walk,Trot   General Impression and  Horse's Submission scores. Donnermuth (Petrie ) only faltered a bit in his canter work, but JJ explains he is is still conditioning to be stronger and  he still earned respectable scores over 7%.  After a flight from Maryland, getting acclimated, and amid all of he excitement that one only finds in Germany, JJ is pleased with her horse's performance and upbeat and cannot wait to return! This is a high honor for an American to be able to go, and she is raring to get Rosall and perhaps another  ready for next year!

Marty and I were thrilled and proud to be able to watch her and the judges were very complimentary of both horse and rider, the scores obviously saying we "like what we see, it is correct and excellent riding, and please return ".  We waved American flags and whooped it up!  The USA was noticed!

JJ ended at 17th in the World for  6 year olds, ..and finished the Small Final  in 7th place. . She led the USA Contingent in their week of 5 and 6 year old competitions.

Closer to home, ( in Maryland) Davy Crockett by Donavan now owned by Jayne Nessif, has qualified with for JJ Competing in KY, in September for the 4 year old  National Young Horse Championships!  Jayne is leaving him in training with JJ and  training with him herself for Amateur competitions.

June 28, 2007. Big news! JJ  Tate and her 6 year old Donnermuth are going to Germany for the Young Horse Championships! 

They leave mid July. This is so wonderful for her, and she so deserves this!

June, 2007: JJ has qualified her 6 year old Donnermuth for World Young Horse Championships in Verden Germany in August!!!  This is quite an accomplishment! We are all going to see her , and support her.  JJ will leave for Germany mid -July.

We also are thrilled that JJ will be continuing to be a part of Davy Crockett's life, as he prepares for the 4 year old Championships here, with a new owner, Jayne Nessif.

The new stallion, Rosall is now in MD, finishing his quarantine, and JJ will pick him up soon, to go to GoodNessRidge,. She will help him settle in and  begin his  training  when she returns from Germany.  See Rosall's page..

May 22, 2007:

JJ is featured on the  GoodNess Ridge Farm website . see link below) Look for the news of her success at the Morven Park Dressage show held May 5, 2007. She rode Davy Crockett, (Donavan) , Duesenjaeger (Donavan)  and Donnermuth (Don Bedo) to First and seoncd placements in all of their classes . She also qualified them all for Regional Finals, and  earned several scores over 70% and others in high 60's.

Rosall is coming home. (see link below) He will ship from Germany on May 29th.  JJ will  visit him in Quarantine, and then help him settle in at the Farm. Then begins his  training for competition with JJ.

2007 News Update:

JJ will be centering her  Training  business at GoodNess Ridge Farm in Maryland, owned by Shari Glickman. She will start there in April, 2007. JJ will continue to  compete and train in Florida for the Winter Season.  She invites newstudents, and horses..on alimited basis , to her program.  Riverland Farm's New stallion, Rosall, will become her  mount when he has come over from Germany. Watch for them!!

2006:End of Year update:

November, December, 2006:  JJ  has moved the horses from PA to Wellington Florida for the winter. She will begin preparing for the first shows of the winter circuit.

Continue to reach her on her cell phone ..or try her email.

Wyngate Dressage Center has been sold. Now JJ wil be centering most of her  competitions in the East, Region 1..and  giving clnics through out much of the  US and in Canada.



The whirlwind since April 2006:(update 9-18-06)

JJ Tate continued to  star in the world of Dressage. She competed in the Robert Dover search for the next  American Dressage Star. Show to be aired at a future date. JJ and Cambay were listed 12th on the road to the World Equestrian Games. She just missed the cut, it is only time!

Above : JJ on Cambay , during the filming of the Next American Dressage Idol ; and then at Dressage at Devon.


JJ attended the WEG, Aug. 20-27, as an observer, and we were able go along too, spending time with Gyula Dallos, Gerhard Politz, Oded Shimoni, Charles deKunffy, and many of JJ's coaches and mentors. as we watched the world's best Dressage! wwc

Throughout May -September: JJ decided to stay on the East coast and train daily with her coach Oded Shimoni at a beautiful facility in PA, near the MD border. 

She also goes to Hilltop Farm, Colora Md. to train with Scott Hassler the Head of the  Young Horse Training Program in the US. While doing this she continued to compete her young horse Donnermuth, and Dea, a lovely mare owned by Katie Foster, and Riverland Farm's Duesenjaeger, by Donavan.  She also started the 3 year old Davy Crockett owned by The Donavan GroupLLC. Her Grand Prix mount, Cambay in training and JJ is looking ahead to Devon at the end of September.

October: JJ will be giving a clinic in Ohio, organized by Isabelle Brown  Call for more information.

November : JJ was invited to  participate in the Young Horse Trainers Symposium , headed by Scott Hassler of Hilltop Farm. 

JJ took The Donavan Group's 3 year old by Donavan , Davy Crockett to the symposium and he was a star! They invited them to ride all 3 days, since he was handling the  excitement so well. Scott Hassler said he is an advanced 3 year old!

Update: Late 2006.   JJ is preparing Petrie (Donnermuth) for the 6 year old championships in 2007.

She is preparing Duesenjaeger, Pilot for his double Bridle and 3rd level work.

Show results have been more than  astounding! Duesenjaeger (Pilot) is undefeated at the shows in NJ, Virginia and KY at First and Second level  with scores ranging from high 60%-iles, to 76.7+%, earning high point and Born in the USA Championships!  Dea has won several classes  with scors in the 70's and Donnermuth (Petrie) is  earning much respect as he placed 6th at the North American Young Horse Championships in KY after  drawing notice in the young horse qualifiers.

Donnermuth (by Don Bedo) with Jessica Jo Tate below


Below left and right , JJ with Duesenjaeger, (Pilot )by Donavan,   at the Kentucky Horse Park, September 9, 2006 ;

center, Pilot with his ribbons!


WWC photo©

Florida January -April 19.

JJ wowed them  in Florida! First she was invited to ride for the Trainers Symposium with Hubertus Schmidt, Olympian from Germany. This was a thrill and went well.

She took several horses with her to train and compete in Florida. She took her Grand Prix Star, Cambay; her youngster Donnermuth, (Petrie) by Donnerhall; Duesenjaeger (Pilot) by Donavan, owned by Wendy Costello, and also CeCe Sutton's talented gelding Ukeegan.

Both Keegan and Petrie competed well in  their respecteive Training and First level test, placing often and Pilot is back to full training ready for showing  back at home (after a sore front foot).

The big news: Cambay and JJ  have taken the "next step up " by winning the Grand Prix Special one weekend alongside many  international riders. 

Then she placed well enough at GrandPrix at the  Dressage Derby at White Fences to compete in the Grand Prix Muscial Freestyle , to Qualify for the  National Freestyle Championships! She did both! She was in the company of such stars as George Williams, Ashley Holzer , Tuny Page, Kathryn Bateson,  Cesar Parra, and others when she thrilled the crowd with her joyful and fun Freestyle set to  music from some cheerful children's shows, like the Muppets! She was 3rd, in close to the 2 top two with over 70% score and a great reception from the crowd of veteran  Dressage lovers, and riders!

Then JJ was invited to take a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol, the USET Coach!! What a great opportunity /experience, and she received super  response  from Klaus. ( I was able to see this! wwc)

Klaus then asked that she take Donnermuth (Petrie) to  the Young Horse Symposium being led by the new National head of the Young horse Training program , Scott Hassler of Hilltop Farm, and comments included that perhaps she get Petrie ready to compete in Germany's young horse Championships!

If all of that was not enough, then JJ started the  competition for the Next American Dressage Idol, a TV reality show produced by Robert Dover, 6 time Olympian ! JJ had been named one of 6 finalists at Dressage at Devon in 2005.  They say it is a cross between American Idol and The Apprentice!

We will all know the final outcome some time after April 15!!   We know she is one of the last 3 finalists competing for the title!

After the results are  in  in Florida, JJ and her Florida horses head home to Wisconsin about April 22nd.

As one of JJ Tate's devoted fans, clients and  supporters, I am hoping, that if she wins this competition, we will have her here to show and train our horses this Spring and Summer before heading off to be Robert Dover's assistant ( one of the prizes) for an exciting year of working for him! Wendy W. Costello

August  20, 2006 ,JJ , her mom Candace Tate , myself and others will make a trip to Aachen, Germany for the World Equestrian games.  wwc


UPDATE! 10/03/05

JJ Tate a Star at Devon!!   JJ Tate Chosen by Robert Dover as a Rising Young Star!

Jessica Jo went to Devon in Pennsyvania, a top Breed and Dressage show, for the first time and made her presence known! She not only placed 6th in the Grand Prix Qualifier to make it to the Grand Prix Freestyle, but she then placed 6th (69.9%)  in the Grand Prix Freestyle on Sat night, along with top riders , most Olympians, under the lights showing a wonderfully choreographed  dance with Cambay (her  Swedish warmblood horse "Chip")  that had the crowd cheering and whistling!  Betsy Steiner, a top rider, trainer, gave commentary on the radio headsets that could be rented , was just glowing with positive comments and praise for this young  Dressage star! In addition, the announcement was made that Robert Dover , many times Olympic star, has chosen JJ along with 5 other young stars to compete in his American Dressage Idol show to be produced soon.  JJ's competition included George Williams and Rocher, top horse and rider in US today!!

JJ also place  2nd and 3rd with her 2 young mounts, Donnermuth and Ukeegan  in the 4 year old competitons, new this year . The stands were buzzing about JJ TATE and the Team Tate was there with their Team Tate shirts on and  clapping furiously!

Taping for the Robert Dover American Dressage Idol..postponed until March in FLorida.


~Jessica Jo Tate ~
Aspiring to Olympic Success!

Having ridden for most of her life, Jessica is inseparable from horses. She began dressage lessons in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin at age 7. Later, under the guidance of Charles de Kunffy, world-renowned dressage instructor, clinician and USAEquestrian judge, JJ had the opportunity to study dressage in Budapest, Hungary for two years with that country’s Olympic and World Cup finals competitor, Gyula Dallos. While in Europe she successfully competed at international competitions both at the CDI and national levels.

JJ was a member of the Region 2 Dressage Team at the North American Young Rider Championships in 1996, 1997, and in 1999 when they won the Silver Medal.

JJ has earned her United States Dressage Federation bronze, silver and gold medals in dressage. During 1999, JJ participated in the Pan American Games Selection Trials and is on the United States Equestrian Team Developing Riders List. Jessica Jo has published several articles in a variety of equestrian publications.

Since 2000, JJ has trained horses and riders, along with her co-head trainer Greta Pell, at their Wyngate Dressage Center in Walworth, Wisconsin during the spring through fall, and in Florida during the winter season. She gives clinics and trains students in several states, and is currently competing on several horses at the highest levels of dressage, including the Grand Prix. She has earned scores from esteemed judges in the high 60- to 70-percentiles at Intermediate II and Grand Prix on several different horses, including the imported Elite Hanoverian Stallion, FEI competitor Donavan, sire of breed show and performance champions. She has returned often to Hungary and Germany to continue her training and in 2002 began riding under Oded Shimoni, Israeli Olympian and World Cup competitor, both in the US and in Europe.

In 2004-2005 JJ acquired  and began campaigning the Grand Prix horse, Cambay, a Swedish warmblood imported from Germany with steady success at the highest level of Dressage, the Grand Prix . Her achievements have contiunued to reach higher levels of success with scores consistently in the 70%-iles.

JJ prides herself on using classical dressage to ride and train all of her horses. She gets great pleasure in bringing dressage to riders of all ages and donates her time and talent to worthy causes.

JJ Tate seeks sponsorship to help her achieve her dream of representing the USA in the Olympics and other international competitions. For information on how one would help, please contact her directly, or, if she is overseas, through Candace Tate, home, 262-275-2885; or through Wendy Costello, 262-243-9190 or

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