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~The Breeding Goal of the American Hanoverian Society~

"The aim is a noble, correctly built warmblooded horse capable of superior performance,

a horse with natural impulsion and space gaining elastic movements

--a horse that because of its temperament, character, and willingness is suited principally

as an all-around riding horse. "


At the 1988 100 Day Test-Donavan earned 136.16 pts. as Reserve champion of 18 stallions tested. Among his  scores were 9's on rideability, willingness to work, trot, jump ability, and a 10 on Canter. At the 1996 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing on the East Coast, Donavan was the Champion  based on his Performance Scores ..the quotations on the Home page are taken from  the German judges at that Licensing.

Competition, Exhibitions , Demonstrations, Clinics

Donavan has enjoyed amazing health and soundness all of his life, and has been successful in everything he has done from his brilliant Dressage Career including Grand Prix , to Musical Freestyle Exhibitions and Demonstrations, to presenting Clinics with his rider JJ Tate, performing for charitable causes , to being an exemplary Sire of championship winning offspring and an approved son, and now being a forgiving and calm  Schoolmaster! 


2004 to 2006 :

Donavan's Career since coming to Riverland Farm has been under the very capable guidance of Jessica Jo Tate,  and the lists here represent the highlights of the last 4 years . To see older highlights you can visit the ISR/Oldenburg NA registry web page where they show a list of competition highlights during Donavan's years since beginning Dressage competition, first with George Williams, and then with JJ Tate.


Update December, 2005:

* Donavan finishes the 2005 Season #9 out of  162 on the Leading Dressage Breeding Sires list put out by the USEF.

Update December. 2004:

*Donavan completed the 2004 Season listed # 7 on the USEF Dressage Breeding Leading Sires List...out of 166 stallions on the list.


After Donavan's fun and exciting Retirement from Competition Tour in 2003, he went on to perform at several venues , dancing to Disco and Patriotic music , and then to Country favorites receiving standing ovations and meeting old and new fans  up close and personal.  He has given lessons to accomplished riders and the average rider , with the same good nature and  tolerance for all.  Often upon request, Donavan accompanies  JJ Tate to give clinics and teach  members of several organizations about elements of Dressage and horsemanship that can best be learned by watching the rider and horse together.

A full page photo and description of Donavan's role as an Ambassador for the Hanoverian Breed appeared near the front of the  2003 Hanoverian Society Stallion book.  The comments were about his temperament and accessibility of which we are  very proud.

He has raised funds for other horses! He has performed for the Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock , Illinois. He has helped to raise funds for people, a very popular fellow at  the Polo Match for the Task Force on Family Violence in Milwaukee.  Donavan has appeared on a segment of the Public TV show "Outdoor Wisconsin."  By the end of June 2005, Donavan will have appeared on RFD TV in his own show!   He has continued to accompany his rider JJ Tate to clinics and helps her to bring Dressage to others.

In addition to all of the above, Donavan's book of mares to breed has increased annually and the foals are all exceptional individuals giving great pleasure to their owners, in backyards andin show rings.

** see below..In April 2005, Donavan turned 20 years old and performed at the MIdwest Horse Fair in Madison WI, and stood on Stallion Row for the last time.. He celebrated his birthday with all of his old and new friends that could join in... He has now stepped back to let his wonderful Offspring speak for him,  and represent  their special part of the Hanoverian legacy. He will relax a bit more and  give a few lessons, continue breeding and sire some more outstanding equine individuals!!  He will also take some more time out to smell the flowers and roll in the dirt!!

And on June 24, 2004, he even starred in his own TV show  "Donavan, Elite Hanoverian Stallion" produced by Dressage Un LTD.


ESDonavan, Florida Winter 2005.


Midwest Horse Fair , April 2005

Happy 20th Birthday Donavan!!


Donavan, Wendy Costello, Jessica Jo Tate

After a "two -steppin" , country Freestyle!!

Everyone had a ball, and Donavan loved dancin'...he will now continue to sire offspring, give a few lessons, and roll in the mud!! He will greet visitors at Wyngate Dressage Center. Just call Wendy Costello or JJ Tate to visit him.

Late in 2006 Wyngate was closed.

2007 to present:

Donavan went to his new home at Minikani Equestrian Center , closer to Wendy and Marty Costello.

Donavan continues to serve a very full book of mares , and to produced exceptional foals for Riverland Farm.

Don Noir, now owned by Terrri Blair, in 2006 was Top Foal at his Oldenburg NA inspection, earning 8.2

Premium award. His half sisters Dakairi and Debrentanya were highly praised at their AHS inspections.  In 2007 , his full sister Duchesse earned an 8.4 Premium at her inspection and  Donavan  son Don Giovanni, purchased by Isabelle Brown, is a pleasing colt for the GOV. Dragee was complimented at her AHS inspection.

Davy Crockett, sold to Jayne Nessif, has won several high  placings, at KY Horse Park, then in VA, and at Dressage at Devon, a 3rd place in the FEI class for 4 year olds. Then at Regional Finals he was champion at Training level!! His prelim. class saw him and JJ earn a 77 %.

Donavan will go with Wendy and Marty when they move to Maryland in October, 2007 to start another chapter for their breeding program  as Kent Island Sport Horses. Donavan will be Senior Stallion, and will be reunited with JJ Tate who has relocated to Mt. Airy MD!   The Plan is  for Donavan to continue breeding as long as he is happy and healthy doing so, and he will probably be hacked out , give a few lessons and loll around in his pasture!

Frozen semen will also be offerred.



~**~ Past Achievements ~**~

~~text is taken from the old website ~~

There are more details in the Archives on the News page as well.

2003 Accomplishments

  • Donavan's retirement year, 2003, was topped off by being listed #2 on the Dressage Breeding Leading

Sires list of the USEquestrian Federation, due to the wonderful showing of his son Drachen Herz!

  • Donavan will be taking a break from competition, and we are proud of his Farewell (from competition)

    Tour scores! At Sorensen Park on May 23-24, Donavan scored 66% at Grand Prix and 64%

at Intermediate II under judge Tom Poulin - not bad for the 18-years-young guy!

Then at his old "stomping grounds, in June " Tempel Farms in Wadsworth, llinois, where he started

his great career with George Williams aboard, Donavan took a second place in the FEI Test of Choice

with his Intermediate II score of 61.6% with distinguished judges Janet Brown and Axel Steiner.

    • He received an 8 on his one-tempis (flying changes every stride)!
  • The weekend ended on a nice note when the announcement was made about Donavan's

    semi-retirement and his career highlights were read.



    2002 Accomplishments -from the archives,

    • News from the USDF re: 2002 Awards: Donavan has earned Second Place in the Hanoverian /All Breeds Year-End Awards at Intermediaire-II. His average was a teriffic 61.463%. Of course his partner was Jessica Jo Tate of Wyngate Dressage Center, Walworth Wisconsin.

    • Most recent score of 2002 for Donavan and Jessica Jo Tate: 70.7% at Intermediaire II and 65% at Grand Prix!
    • Donavan and JJ showed under Charles deKunffy at the Sorensen Park Dressage shows on July 19 and 20 - a fabulous accomplishment for the Senior Stallion, who is looking like a New Man.

    • We were proud of JJ and Donavan! at their first CDI*** at Paxton Farm, showing Prix St. Georges & Intermediaire I against some of the best. They earned an "8" on their extended trot from Axel Steiner!
    • Donavan and JJ qualified for Regionals!
    • Donavan earned a year-end 5th place in the USDF All Breed Award (Hanoverian) at Intermediaire II with an overall 60% average.
    • Currently competing in Florida at Intermediaire II and Grand Prix (Dec.- April)
    • At Paxton Farm on June 29-30, Donavan and JJ Tate scored 61% at Intermediaire II - a hot weekend.
    • Donavan and JJ Tate earned a 65% at Silverwood on June 8, and the next day made it a great weekend by riding a very nice Grand Prix test for 62%! Two more blues are hanging by his stall! Congratulations to them both.
  • Sunday June 2, Donavan and JJ Tate scored a nice 60.1% at Intermediaire II, a qualifier. Judges included Jessica Ransehausen, Michael Poulin, and Marianne Ludwig. The weather was perfect and Tempel Farms looked lovely!

  • Donavan starts 2002 off with  a Bang!

    The opening show of Donavan's 2002 show season started on May 4 at Silverwood Farm (Wisconsin) with the Intermediaire I, in which he took the Blue Ribbon, with a 63%!

    On Sunday Donavan went on to another Blue in the Intermediaire II, with 61.7%, making his first show of 2002 a huge success!


2001 Accomplishments: (from archives)

• May 2001, Donavan received their first blue ribbon since returning to Wisconsin with the Costellos August of 2000.,  has been with JJ Tate since September of 2000.

  • At Silverwood Farm Dressage at Intermediaire II. (under rider JJ Tate of Wyngate Dressage Center)

• On June 1, 2001 Donavan and JJ receive a second blue ribbon; first place out of four at Grand Prix at Tempel Farms!

• On July 24, 2001, Donavan and JJ earned a terrific 61% at FEI-Intermediaire II, for the Blue!

• Best Yet: at Silverwood Dressage on July 14-15, Donavan and JJ earned two qualifying scores at Intermediaire I with a score of 63%, and at Intermediaire II with a score of 62%, both for 2nd place against tough competition.

• We were proud of JJ and Donavan! at their first CDI*** at Paxton Farm, showing Prix St. Georges & Intermediaire I against some of the best. They earned an "8" on their extended trot from  esteemed judge Axel Steiner!

• Donavan and JJ qualified for Regionals!

• Donavan earned a year-end 5th place in the USDF All Breed Award (Hanoverian) at Intermediaire II with an overall 60% average.

**Success of his Offspring , updated often ;

also find more past information under News Archives on the News page.


Damina, 1997 mare

by Donavan out of approved TB mare.

January 2006, news has just come from Damina's former owner about some wonderful success Damina is having with her new owner in the Chicago area. She is being campaigned in mini-prix's and then to go on to the Grand Prix's..jumping!!

"Wendy... Just wanted to keep you updated. Damina (my mare that I sold to a friend in Chicago) won her 1st Mini Prix the week before Christmas in Orlando! She was the only clear round out of 15 rides! She will continue to campaign doing the mini prixs this spring and hopefully be ready to start in the Grand Prix ring in the late summer. Her new owners are taking her slowly and doing great with her - I couldn't be any happier!!

Congrats to all!!


Davy Crockett, 2003 colt

  by Donavan out of Winpenny (Weltbekannt) 3 year old stallion son of Donavan's, owned together by Wendy Costello (The Donavan Group,LLC)  and Candace Tate,  is now under saddle, doing beautifully.. He is very much like his Dad witha bit "extra"..Thought of him as a stallion prospect, but decided he would be a great gelding!  Proved us right when JJ Tate put him under saddle, and he is a joy! He is suited as an amateurs horse, and will go far!


<Davy is on the right, Duesenjaeger(Pilot) is on the left..

Davy is coming 2 here, Pilot is coming 6..

  Below, right, Davy showing off like his Dad.             

Below, Davy with JJ Tate , first ride , not quite 3 years old!!

We call Davy Donavan's Clone.

Davy began his Dressage Career in Spring 2007, and quickly brought home the blue ribbons.  He then qualified for Regional Finals, and also the  USEF/Merkel National Young Horse Championships held at the KY Horse park, September 2007.

He is now owned by Jayne Nessif of MD and remains in training with JJTate..Jayne will be showing him as an amateur in 2008. Davy will go on To Dressage at Devon in  late September, and  then to Florida with JJ.


  Davy at Kentucky Horse Park September, 2007

**see notes under Donavan for more 2007 achievements.








Duesenjaeger, bred by Riverland Farm, Wendy Costello aka Pilot

by Donavan out of Ona Rainy Day  xx


Duesenjaeger (Pilot) above with JJ Tate,  had a spectacular year at First and Second level in 2006. In 2007, he started the year off the same, earning scores in the high 60 to mid 70 %. He is  schooling  3rd level and  some  upper level movements. Pilot was sold to Susan Karsch of MA in September of 2007. She plans to  compete as an Adult amateur and hopes to earn her medals with Pilot.

Since the Costellos are moving to Maryland,October 2007 they hope to see Pilot around sometimes on the east coast!




July, 2006:

Duesenjaeger, "Pilot" is now the Champion of the Born In the USA  class at Dressage at Lexington , (VA). He and JJ Tate had a 76.++% for their winning score.  In addition Pilot has been winning classes at First and Second Levels. His scores are above 68% most of the time. This the first season at Second and he is doing well. Goal: to compete at Region1 Finals.


May 2006:

Pilot is in Pennsylvania now with JJ Tate, getting ready to show out there for a while. First to Raleigh, NC.  JJ and her Grand Prix horse, Cambay and Pi and a few others are there with JJ's trainer Olded Shimoni, Israel's World Cup and Olympic rider.

March 2006: We accepted with pleasure several year end awards for Duesenjaeger, from the WDCTA, Wisconsin Dressage and combined training association , including Champion Maiden at First Level! His average was over 70%.

And he was of course ridden by his father 's wonderful rider , trainer JJ Tate.

January 2006:

We have learned that Pilot has earned Fourth Place at First Level for the Illinois Dressage and Combined Training Association.  He was ridden by Jessica Jo Tate his dad's rider as well. We will attend the banquet soon and receive his  award!! We are very proud of him . He has now gone to Florida with JJ to get in shape for this year's competitions.

June 10, 11, 2005:  Pilot had a fabulous weekend, earning 72% and 75% on his Training and First level tests on Saturday, still waiting for Sunday test score. With rider JJ TATE , Pilot continues to win and please the judges!

2005:  On Saturday, May 8, Duesenjaeger, aka Pilot, Earned a 67% in his first First Level test and took the Blue ribbon at Silverwood in Camp Lake WI.  JJ Tate rode him and  he was a super  competitor.


May 22, 2005. Duesenjaeger has now qualified for Training level Regional championships with scores almost averaging 70%..He has won classes at Silverwood, WI. and Paxton Farm, Ohio. He  earned First Level , test 4 scores of 69.444, 69.70%-iles, and a 69.88. First Level test 1 from two different judges. He needs only one more qualifying score at First level  to also qualify for Regionals at that level. Owned by Costellos of Riverland Farm.



Duesenjaeger, (Pilot) above, with Wendy Costello, breeder/ owner, (1999 gelding) in 2004, Training Level and High Score champion at Silverwood, WI; qualifying after only 2 shows for Region 2 Championships; went on the be 7th out of 36 at the Finals September, at Lamplight Farms. Illinois . Now in 2005, training in Florida with JJ Tate and planning to show at First level '05 Spring and Summer.

Doha Day: (full sister to Duesenjaeger)

Champion Filly at the 2003 American Hanoverian Society Inspections at Oldenburg Farm in Mequon, Wisconsin and first recipient filly of the new Midwest Breeder's Group Site Champion Award.

2005, Silverwood Dressage, Camp Lake WI. June 10. : Doha Day was First Place two year old filly! Score of over 68% with great score on her walk and  movement..

It is hard at this age for many youngsters to to show well, as they are often awkward, growing funny or unbalanced. She made us very proud! She got on the trailer like a pro and behaved herself amidst the hoopla and tents, noise and  commotion! Dodie was sold in April of 2006 and has started her Dressage training in Iowa.

   Dodie age 3  months



owned by Sarah White, won the HITS (Horses in the Sun) Adult Jumpers Winter Circuit Championship in Ocala, Florida, Feb. 2001. He is out of a TB/Percheron cross mare.



Duesenjaeger and Drachen Herz:

Below: Two of Donavan's sons, both 2 at the time, (and WDCTA breed show winners) Duesenjaeger, and Drachen Herz, posing with Wendy Costello, owner of their daddy, Donavan!, JJ Tate, and Margaret Goodell, ~::~ Also: Sue Reifenrath and Damla Benz 8/2/01: Damla Benz, (1996 filly ) won the Mare Championship over stiff competition, earning over 80% from Hilda Gurney at the Sorensen Show in East Troy, Wisconsin. "Elegant Mare!" Congratulations to Sue Reifenrath of Richfield, Wisconsin.

JJ Tate, Duesenjaeger, '99 gelding, Wendy Costello, Drachen Herz, '99, stallion, and Margaret Goodell (his owner) : 2 year olds, Ch. and Res.Ch. in  several classes and Winners: Get of Sire. They made their Daddy proud, who was also there scoring well at I-II and Grand Prix.

Sue Reifenrath and Damla Benz,"Isis".

Damla Benz, "Isis" has continued to excel in Eventing and jumping..and is very capable in Dressage.


• Drachen Herz, Below, won a High Point Hanoverian award at a Breed Finals and at Devon earned a very respectable 7th Place in a class of 28! • 8/2/01: Drachen Herz takes his second Championship… On his way to Regionals and Devon! Hilda Gurney scored him in the 80%'s and praised his elasticity, lovely reach, large joints, Trot!!, and gave him an 8.5 on his walk! Congratulations to Margaret Goodell of Sullivan, Willow Glen Farm, Wisconsin. •see Links page.

Donavan's first Approved Son!


Drachen Herz, in 2004- 2005,

among many other achievements, went on to qualify for the FEI 5 year old championships at Devon, and to complete the 100 Day Stallion Testing at Paxton Farm and be lifetime approved and licensed as a breeding stallion!! 

He was 3rd of 19 stallions and earned very respectable scores in Dressage and Jumping!




Delta Don:

We are so pleased to report the ongoing accomplishments of one of Donavan's  very talented offspring out of the beloved Teerose, a mare we lost  unexpectedly after giving birth. (see the Mares page). This boy, named Delta Don, (check Offspring page ) was first  owned and ridden by a family in Pennsylvania, under the show name Dexter. The teens rode him lead ropes only, when he was only 2 and half years old!. He was campaigned by the youngsters sucessfully in Hunters..and not long ago sold to Sarah Scheiring in Pennsylvania  and is now just sweeping up the Hunter circuit! Sarah is kind enough to update me regularly and now reports that her Donovan..as she calls him for shows (note spelling difference) ...is  almost 18hh, and the most wonderful horse! We think he is adorable and so..Donavan!! Other full siblings by ESDonavan  out of Teerose are Devotee and Drifter. Sarah had this to say in a recent (April '05) email:

January 2006: Just noticed Donovan (Delta Don)  has earned some points early this year as they show up under the Hunters listings for sire Donavan for the USEF Leading Sires listings! Congrats to Sarah!


Hello Wendy!

"I just wanted to update you on how Donovan (Delta Don) is doing. He has been so amazing lately. We have moved up to the three foot and in the first three shows we were champion twice. We are going to try to qualify for Zone Finals although I am starting really late in the year then move up to the national divisions starting with the Junior Hunters then moving to the A/O's next year. He is so cooperative with a great personality. It's amazing how well he moves and jumps considering how big he is. We have won almost every under saddle class we have been in. I have another, better picture of him over the 3ft. I hope it worked if not I can give you the site. Unfortunately I cannot scan to give you a photograph without the writing across it, but hopefully i will be able to do so in the near future. Anyways I just wanted to update you. ...~Sarah Scheiring



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