Additional Photos of Foals of 2005 , check Offspring page also

Note, not every foal is represented here.

DeBonne Grace-filly, Han. Dam: Bevolina




Dickens- Oldenburg NA colt:



Zalani-OHBS Oldenburg filly: Dam, Zejaluna




Durham's Destiny-filly:



Danka-Hanoverian filly :  Dam: Greetings (GOV)approved in '05 by Han. Society.


left newby, then at her inspection..Mom was top non-Han. mare!! © MJCostello


colt, new name, Drizzle, Han. (Dam-Winteroza):


Below: Drizzle, about 7 months? trotting, and his handsome head!


Below, Drizzle, and half brother Digby out of Winpenney, (see below) the bright bay.



Dontae-filly: Dam Tonka




Colt , (Digby) out of Winpenny(Han):  WI




Darbye, (Han. filly) , Dam, Shagya Arabian "Bella" (approved by the AHS!)




Dulcinea, Han. filly,



Dunny,Han. colt, DOB, 7/4/2005: out of Eve of Victory -

Left to right, at 12 hours, with mom; then 2 weeks.


 Above Right: 3 or 4 months, all © Jill Costello Kilmartin

     Dunny a bit over a year, with Jill..who is 5'2" tall.


Dominic VT:Oldenburg colt bred by Virginia Tech.


D'Loanalot, aka Loana: Post thaw filly ( using frozen semen by Donavan.)

at 3 days old ,  at   1 day old ,  then a few weeks

             she's a clown!!



Donarkiel, colt, 


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