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October, 2007 Kent Island , Maryland.. our new place in Maryland ; above the original barn.

Kent Island Sporthorses will  open its doors on October 6th , 2007 when the main group of horses arrive from Riverland Farm in WI. Donavan is  landing that day at GoodNess Ridge Farm in Mt. Airy, MD, staying with JJ Tate  and Shari Glickman for awhile until his special suite is  built at KIS.

Furniture , household, barn items arrive in MD. by the 8th, and then we go back to finish the move when we drive our our dogs and cats  and the truck/ trailer  and pull in on October 10.  Our mare Manhattan (Precious Icon) will arrive  the following weekend from Ohio where she has been with her former owner, Isabelle Brown, and Isabelle's new Donavan colt , Don Giovanni. Then our two yearlings Dakairi and Debbie (by Donavan) will come home from visiting with Angela Barilar at High Point Hanoverians  in Chestertown MD.   Thanks so much to Isabelle, and Angela and her staff!

We have added a  couple of newcomers to the group. We have purchased a beautiful yearling filly from Don and Dee Kapper at OuterBanks Farm in Ohio. She is Royal Princess  by Royal Prince out of Brimming by Banter.  Look for more about her on the News page. We also welcome "home" a  lovely, red bay young mare  by Donavan and bred by our daughter Jill, several years ago. Her name is  now Delicious Dot (aka Dilly). She was originally purchased and loved by a young woman who had to sell her and we  were happy to get her back.  Dilly is  very nicely under saddle, and we hape to have her as one of our riding horses or perhaps to breed her one day.  Dilly and Princess should be arriving within a month of our settling in.  Update:  March, 2008: Princess arrived early in 2008, Manhattan  is here and now has a new colt.

We have discovered that Bianna, our kind , lovely Hanoverian mare,  who just had a sweet filly this year, is  showing talent for Hunters/jumpers. So she is staying back in WI with the excellent  eventer/trainer Ann Jennings of Pigeon Creek Farm , Mequon,WI.  Bianna is easy to ride and  loving the attention!  So she is for sale and I think would like to be a performance mare for a while!

Plans for the Farm:

March 23, 2008.


Here comes the  second BARN!  We are almost there. The second Barn  is mostly finished, still waiting for the  plumbing to be finished, then the lights go up, the  stall doors and grills go in, the mats go in , the  office apartment on top gets outfitted and the  staining and painting ...then the  horses move i!

We have put up some new fencing for a new pasture, and some  stone walks are in  so no more muddy walks. We  made the  entry gate areas of several pastures   firmer with bluestone.

Next, in no certain order, a Stallion suite for Donavan,  adding on to the house,  an equipment shed, some additional landscaping, patios, walks, etc.  We will consider building an indoor arena as well.

We plan to paint or stain the  unfinished parts of the exterior , doors and  lower parts of sides of the barn a deeper shade >

of the same color that is on the  main part..the shingle detail  on the top front, will be darker

After the new barn is finished, we plan to spruce up the old barn, and the run in sheds, by making them match the new barn more in color and  the interiors. New doors for the old barn as well.

We will fence in the Dressage arena so we can use it for some work with the youngsters, and for picture taking etc.


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