ES Donavan Foals 2007

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This is not all of the foals

Dragée- Han. filly,March 16, Riverland Farm, out of Bianna(Bordeaux); lovely bay with 3 socks and snip. Just breathtakingly adorable, and friendly! Light mover, with suspension, short coupled, and correct.

See Sale Page.

(also above)..

Don Giovanni- Colt March 16, Riverland Farm, out of Precious Icon aka Manhattan,(Rolls Royce); purchased in utero by the former owners of Manhattan, Isabelle and Dave Brown in Ohio. Another Donavan  trademark son, 3 socks, star and snip..Bay! And already a Dancer with a very manly charisma and charm!

Don Giovanni is registered GOV, and was pleasing to the judges at the inspection. Theynoted his movement was an improvbment over his nice Dam, Manhattan .

Duchesse;Filly May 16, 2007; bred/owned by  Riverland Farm out of Caviar(Cor Noir) A lovely, long legged, feminine very Royal filly.

Named after  Black Beauty's mother Duchess. She is perfect.

Some  fancy  hock action and  passage!

Duchesse went on to her Oldenburg NA inspection and scored a 8.4!! Judge was delighted with her, and stated: why would anyone go to  Germany for a filly when you can find one like this here in the US?

She is for sale ..see Sale page.

Davante, Colt, March 31, 2007, MN, bred and owned by Sandra Ham Stadler. out of April Moon, Trakenher/Arab Cross. His name means "Beloved"."~as the only colt in my little herd of five critters, he has instantly become the prince and pasha of the whole place, and he knows it... I think “Baby D” is practically perfect and I couldn’t be more thrilled with him!

Davante did very well at his ISR/Old NA inspection in July, scoring an 8.0 on conformation.  The judge had some very favorable comments including, “picture perfect head” and “beautiful type/ beautiful expression.”  He just missed earning Premium by 2/10 of a point, basically because he was pretty croup high at the time, but I have seen awesome movement out of him and for me he is a Premium all the way! Also, from day 1 he has been a perfect prince to handle with such a sweet disposition.

 (Incidentally, he no longer has a snip; don’t ask me what happened to it!)
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Oh Say Donnova -owner/breeder Lind Weaver; Filly, Florida , 4/4/07 ."we have a fabulous filly on the ground this morning. Huge - absolutely huge with incredible bone. I'll send pictures just as soon as mom stops hiding the baby. The mare is every inch of 17:1 and this foal is much above her underline line, already cantering around the pasture!"



Daniel, colt, April, 6, 2007. bred and owned by Terry Blair, GA. Out of Han X mare, Exact-Leigh. She also owns the wonderful colt, Don Noir born at Riverland and purchased in  utero, 2006. Daniel is Bay, 2 white socks, "so handsome (her words) and "whoa" Donavan movement!"


Waiting for A photo!! :-) please

Picture please!!

Colt #1, May 28, 2007,owned by Joy Synder out of Affiniti, Star, 2 hind socks.

I have great news – Affiniti delivered a healthy, spunky and SMART baby boy last night at 11:00am at Tudor Oaks in Barrington, IL.  He is drop dead handsome with two perfect hind socks and a roundish star on his forehead.   He stood up within an hour and was nursing within two hours. 

Waiting for A photo!! :-) please

Picture please!

Colt #2,  June 5, 2007 owned by Joy Snyder, out of Girlish Chatter;

"Our second of three Donavan babies has arrived safe and sound!!!
We have another boy (it’s a boy-a-palooza! So far this year).  He is named “Duce” (re:  Girlie’s second boy) with a perfect star, thin blaze and a small snip at the tip of his nose.  Perfect markings! 
AND it looks like we have 4 white socks!!!

Waiting for A photo!! :-) please

Damoiselle Lilliane-

Hi Wendy: I thought I would pass along these pictures of our Donavan filly born 7-11-07 (real lucky numbers!). Our mare delivered at 6:00 pm and my daughters, Ashley, Claire and I were present for the delivery. Everything went well, except her legs were so long, she could not stand by herself for the first 24 hours. We think she is beautiful and we are very pleased. I think she will be tall and leggy. Thanks for all your support. Anita Houtsma

"Milk Dud" Epperson- (not his registered name)

I received his photo at right, but have misplaced his  text!! Isn't he cute. His owner/breeder is Suzannah Epperson, and his Dam is Anhazizi

Now registered as Devonshire , is growing up and is a flashy boy.

see what Suzannah had to say on the colts page!

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