Snapshots form Riverland Farm, Mequon WI ....before moving to Maryland:



Radar, the Barn to House Liason cat, was originally from KY; Chessie the Wheaten Terrier, from the Humane Society  and Daisy, the very blond Yellow Lab from the neighbors up the road.  We also have Smokey and Popsie (not pictured) , the 2  very fluffy gray cats, mother and son,  who Marty allows to live in the house while on their best behavior. :-)

** In the past 3-4 years we have said goodbye to Rocky, a very sweet long haired black and white cat, Augusta , the princess, a multi colored long haired cat, Lucci, our daughter's lovely gray.white cat-dog..who lived here many many months ; Chip our exhuberant Springer Spaniel, and his buddy Mac, the Tri-colored collie.   Radar, recently  passed away , August of 2007. All lived long (13 -17 years.) and love filled lives. We were with them when they were laid to rest nearby.




Below, Chip, Lucci, Rocky , and Radar, all playing in pet paradise.


                              Radar the Barn cat  left ,passed away August, 2007






                    Chessie, abaove left,  right, Daisy, Yellow Lab, everyone's friend.


         Moon over Riverland


Marty, above, and helper doing what needs to be done.

below,Wendy with first born by Donavan, Duesenjaeger 1999 son, (Pilot) out of  Remy TB.


Center , Wendy, Duesenjaeger,  her first Donavan son,     Rt. Brownie troop learning for a badge.



Above: Ona Rainy DayXX(Remy) and our mustang

Calico Mtn. Sugar and Spice (Sugar) VIP's of our farm!

Upper left, Doha Day 12 hours old; Upper right, D'Aktion figuring out how to do it!


Now we are : Kent Island Sporthorses: 443-249-3566