Doha Day and Kristi Fleck


July 10, 2006

Hi Wendy!

I just thought that I should let you know how your wonderful girl is doing!

Dodie has been under saddle for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and I am really
enjoying her. She has come along really fast. I wanted to take some pics
for you, but the battery door on my digital is broken so the silly thing
won't work. One of these days I will get some for you, though. So far,
there hasn't been anything crazy or unexpected from her. The worst was when
she spooked at a squirrel that was jumping from tree to tree while we were
riding in the outdoor... but when it was over, I couldn't stop laughing.
She cracks me up!!!
She is soooooo pretty! I can't believe it! Her coat is really shiney and
she has grown about an inch. I've got her mane all trimmed up and pulled
nice, but that crazy girl grows hair like my garden does weeds! She's got a
regular bush for a mane, but that's ok.
She's been riding great, though. The first time I got on her, I just sat on
her for a while and got off a few times. The next day, someone led me
around a bit. Then, every time since, I've been riding her on my own at a
walk and trot. I am really excited... her trot is going to be excellent,
and she almost always tracks up or oversteps at a walk, so I think she will
be a real super star!